Purchasing an older home can be an exciting investment when you decide to put the money and work into making it look like new. Older homes have a great deal of character that some newer homes lack in design and layout. One of the biggest projects for updating a home is the paint. Both interior and exterior paint is a time consuming project that takes a great deal of effort and thought. Choosing the right colors for your interior and exterior paint can be a frustrating task, especially when you have to choose from what seems like a million different shades of every color you know. Consulting with a professional as to what colors or shades of paint are suited for the era of your home will help in your decision making.

Determining Factors when Painting your Home

There are other factors to consider when preparing to paint your home. It’s important to take the weather into consideration. If you are in the middle of a heavy rain season, then it is better to wait until a dry spell to paint your home. This applies to the interior of your home as well. Although rainfall (hopefully) will not enter inside of your home, the humidity in the air will make your new coat of paint extremely slow to dry and affect the way that it does dry, possibly leaving an unwanted finish. Paint needs time to dry and will not adhere to damp surfaces.

Paint Quality

When choosing what type of paint to use for a big job, some homeowners are tempted to go with a cheaper brand of paint to save a few extra bucks. Unfortunately, lower cost usually equates to lower quality and durability. In the long run, this choice may end up costing you more money. Better quality paints and stains provide a finer finish and more durability – which means that you will get better coverage and you will paint fewer times over the years. The quality of paint has improved significantly in recent years, with brighter and longer lasting colors – washable and more durable finishes. Try your best to not go with the cheaper paint, you will be satisfied with the end result when using higher quality paint products.

Paint Prepping

Prepping to paint is probably one of the most labor intensive jobs there is when it comes to updating an older Classic Hampton Home. Thorough prepping will result in the best finish and poor prepping will not only look bad, it could fail quickly and allow water intrusion – causing permanent damage and rot. Paint will not adhere very well to rough or dirty surfaces, so be sure the interior and exterior walls are completely cleaned. Any peeling or failing finishes should be removed before applying any new finishes. Sanding and scraping will take a great deal of time, but you will be happy with the end result. To save yourself the time and energy it will take to paint your Classic Hampton Home, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, for expert advice and service. E-Mail: info@lwwinslowpaintinginc.com Tele: 631-267-6863

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