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The Incorporated Village of Sag Harbor is situated in the towns of East Hampton and Southampton, Suffolk County, New York. The business district sits adjacent to the historical whaling port and writer’s colony – listed on the National Register of Historic Places – defining landmarks include the Whalers Church, Jermain Library, Whaling Museum, the Old Burying Ground, Oakland Cemetery, John Steinbeck’s writing house, Mashashimuet Park – as well as Otter Pond, Sag Harbor Yacht Club, Breakwater Yacht Club. It was settled in the early 1700’s. It became an “International Port” in 1789. Sag Harbor had more tons of square rigged vessels in commerce than New York City and became known as a “melting Pot” of different cultures and became the first Long Island Village be a Customs House – appointed by the United States Government.

During the Revolutionary War, American Raiders captured 90 British soldiers on what today is the Old Burying Ground. During the War of 1812 the British attached the village but were driven back. The whaling industry peaked during the early 1840’s and collapsed after 1847. Man-made kerosene and the discovery of petroleum in Pennsylvania brought about the end of the lucrative whaling industry.

Slideshow offers a few of the jobs we've done in Sag Harbor.

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