What Are the Benefits of Door & Window Screens in Bridgehampton NY? Screen Installation & Repair Services

If you are thinking about upgrading the look of your home, a great place to start are the screen covers that are on the windows and doors. The screens don’t only add a nice finished look to your home, but they also have some great added benefits. When the screen starts to lose its color or has some damage to it, you will want to have them repaired. If you hire a professional they can come out and give you an estimate to replace all or some of the screens depending on your needs. The options are to go with a black screen that is very common in many homes or a colored screen that will better match the exterior décor of your home. A professional is able to come out and look at the amount of windows and doors and what type or material you choose to determine the price of the job. If you are looking to replace or add screens to your home you may want to know about all the benefits that comes with them.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. lists some of the benefits to having screens installed on your doors and windows.

Keep Bugs, Wildlife & Flying Debris Out: The main purpose of window and door screens is to keep insects and wildlife as well as large particles of debris out such as leaves and dirt. And all without blocking fresh air flow. Window screens have also prevented many young children from falling out second story windows as well as hindering opportunistic burglars from simply strolling in!
Window & Door Screens Can Save You Money: If you want to save money on your energy bill, screens can be right for you. Most people are concerned not only about saving money but also about the amount of energy they may be wasting. When you have screens on your doors and windows it helps to keep the sun out and that can help with keeping the heat out as well. This will let your AC unit work less and that will save you money.
Screens Keep Out Unwanted Pests: No one wants a bug or insect finding their way in your home but during the spring time weather many people choose to open their windows and doors and enjoy the outside air. This comes with the risk that bugs and insects can head right in your home. When there is a screen on the doors and windows you can open your windows and doors with the comfort in knowing that the bugs and insects are kept at bay.
Screens Can Increase Your Curb Appeal: This is a great way to add some curb appeal and value to your home. Screens add an even clean looking barrier that home buyers love to see. It makes the exterior of you home look great and will give home buyers an addition that might help them to decide on a purchase price.

If you are ready to have screens installed or repaired on your doors and windows, call L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. today in Amagansett, East Hampton, Southampton, Wainscott, Bridgehampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor, Shelter Island, Watermill, Westhampton & The Hamptons New York.

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