Best Interior Paint Colors to Sell A Home in The Hamptons NY; Call the Professional Color Consultants & House Painters at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc!

Many folks put their house on the market everyday. Maybe you outgrew your home or need to downsize. Perhaps you or your spouse got a once in a lifetime opportunity to work a career in another state, or perhaps you simply want to live closer to your parents or other loved ones. No matter the reasoning, you want to sell your home; and fast. On the one hand, you don’t want to shell out unnecessary cash for someone who is going to come right behind you and remodel the home more in liking with their own tastes. But you do want to make each room breathtaking and aesthetically pleasing to potential home buyers.

The Color Consultants and Professional House Painters at L.W. Winslow Painting Inc. want to help you sell your home quickly.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations: You want to avoid picking a color that clashes with the environment, so keep that in mind. For wooded lots, earth tones go a long way. Consider roof top colors as well as brick and stone work when deciding on your favorite earth-tone shade. Shrubs and landscaping play a part in deciding a color. Avoid green paint colors if you have a lot of greenery in your yard. Most colonial style homes look amazing with white exteriors and subtle accents. Ranch-style homes look good in a variety of paint colors. Just don’t go with canary-yellow or Barbie pink. Even if that is more to your taste, generally the masses don’t want too much attention or exotic coloring on their new home’s exterior!
Living Room Paint Colors: Experts say the living space should be combined with neutral and warm tones. Playing with those colors, incorporated with current trends will also be beneficial. Most house hunters envision their art pieces, furniture and other accessories in the room. Even if they already know they want a purple living room, the current color can deeply impact the buyer. Creamy whites, subtle beiges and light gray tones are exceptional. Avoid the bold colors and keep it simple, yet stylish.
Kitchen Paint Colors: Bright colors capture the attention of most buyers. The time spent in a kitchen is often mundane cooking, slicing, dicing, chopping, mixing and baking and cleaning up after it all. Generally, brighter colors help bring a little excitement to these otherwise boring actions. Folks need to be able to see if the steak is just the right amount of pink, or the cookies are the perfect shade of golden brown. Lighter colors contribute to making the room brighter. Where white might be your first impulse, avoid it. White promotes boring, hospital type feels. Pale yellow, light olive hues, or faint, warm shades of beige are good choices.
Bedroom Paint Colors: What does everyone do in the bedroom? Relax of course. Bedrooms are a natural place where people seek leisure and relief from a stressful day. Choose mild, soft tones while being equally balanced in warm tones or cool tones. Eggshell or off whites, feather grays, pale yellows, soft blues, or even the light olive hues work well in a bedroom.
Bathroom Paint Colors: A common mistake homeowners do is go bold in the bathroom. It is better to choose colors that will amplify the small size. Bathrooms are designed small so it’s a good idea to make them look more spacious. Warm whites are a better color choice for a small bathroom. Keep it light with warm tones.

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Painting, especially a whole home’s interior or even the exterior of a home can be an overwhelming task. Our professionals at L.W. Winslow, Inc. have the expertise and experience to get your homes desires painted quickly and efficiently to get potential home buyers ready to close the deal. Contact us today for all your painting needs!

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