Best Painting Techniques in East Hampton, NY; Paint Prep & More

When you go to start a painting project and paint all of your walls, it may not be as simple as getting a paintbrush and start painting. Certain techniques can help your wall look better than if you just started painting without knowing what to do. What are some of these techniques? L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. explore them below.

Start with Clean Walls

When it comes to any painting project, you want to make sure that you are working on clean walls. Walls can get dirty and greasy over time. If you are painting on dirty, greasy walls, then the paint will not apply correctly and will leave you with grease lines or bumps from the dirt that came off of your wall and onto your brush. Also, to make your job easier, make sure you take off the light switch and outlet plates. This way you do not have to tape them or paint over them.

Use Best Painting Supplies

There is a wide variety of painting supplies that you can purchase. If you go for the cheaper brushes, you will notice that you will get little flyaway bristles in your paint and possibly on your wall. When you purchase the best brushes then it will help give you that clean beautiful paint job. You also want to make sure you buy decent paint. Oil paint can help give you a strong vivid color for a long time.

Apply Tinted Paint Primer

When you are preparing a room to be painted, you often have to patch up holes and cracks. When you paint over these with plain white primer once it dries it can leave a dull patch from your paint job. If you tint your primer with a little bit of color, it can help cover the patches and make it look seamless.

Use of Paint Extenders

Professionals often use extenders to help increase paint drying times and help level the paint out. This can help avoid lap marks in between wet paint and dry paint. This helps give you plenty of time for you to work on your project without having to rush.

Purchase Paint All at Once

Many times, when you purchase paint, you purchase it a gallon at a time. The problem with doing this is that you could have a slight color difference between each bucket that you got. The best thing to do is to estimate how much paint you will need and then talk to a salesperson and get the right amount of paint. This will help you not have a slight color change between paint buckets.

Paint Top to Bottom

When you start painting you want to take your brush and paint the edges of your walls moving inward. Then you start with the roller and start at the top by the ceiling and you move downward. This can help you avoid any drips and splatter marks.

Paint One Wall at a Time

Many people when they paint their walls, they go wall-to-wall, trying to cover as much area as they can with their brush to get the edges. This will give it too much time to dry before the roller brush gets to it. The best thing to do is paint all of the wall at a time. This can help leave your wall looking better.

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Painting walls can take a lot of time and effort. Save yourself time and hire a professional company like L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. to come and do the job for you. This way you know it is done correctly and it will look beautiful. Call us today!

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