Creative Kids Bedroom Painting Color Schemes & Ideas in East Hampton, NY; Themes, Patterns, Accent Walls & More!

Are you getting ready to repaint your child’s bedroom? Some might have a feeling of dread. However this can be a fun exciting experience. Why you wonder? You get to be a kid again! This is the time you can let your imagination soar. You can even explore your own child’s imagination, and together, you two can create a new world just for his or her bedroom.

Creative Kids Bedroom Theme Ideas; for Boys, Girls, Toddlers etc

If your child is old enough, you can sit down together and discus a theme. Themes are fun and can go beyond your typical princess or sports themes. For instance, you can do jungles; make a circus, western towns, medieval knights, dragons, dinosaurs, etc. You can even derive ideas for your children’s favorite toys or movies. Can you imagine if your child’s favorite movie was Harry Potter or other fantasy movies? So many possibilities are out there for you to decide on. Your first step is to choose the perfect theme for you. This will aid you in picking out colors. If you’re not an artist, don’t be afraid of doing a mural. There are so many tricks out there from tracing figure on the walls to creating a really cool mural.

Painting Stripes & Patterns on Interior Walls

If you want more of a plain bedroom, but with a childish flare there are ways to achieve it. All it takes is simple patterns. As an example, you can use stripes, either up and down or side to side. There are many decorative painting patterns and techniques as well. If you want to do a simple room with some accents you will need to pick out the primary color.

Kids Bedroom Color Schemes

Now remember kids bedrooms can have fun colors, so don’t be afraid to use them. Each color is known for giving off a specific mood. What mood do you want to create? Blues are a restful color that can bring about tranquility and calm. Green hues bring out nature, and improve ones self-esteem. Red is mostly used as an accent color that adds brightness to your child’s room. Yellow is a cheerful color that brings soft warmth to any room. White gives a clean feel that also reflects light. Most use white as an accent color because it’s hard to keep clean from little fingers. Purple brings out creativity and adds a mystic feel to the room. With proper accents, a purple room can look wondrous.

Bedroom Paint Colors with Accent Walls

After choosing the primary color, you will need to decide on your accent color or colors. Don’t be afraid of using one or two accent colors. If you have a blue room, yellow and white looks great. Each accent color adds a feeling to the bedroom. Accent colors can be used as borders either on the top or bottom or even in the middle creating a break in color. Accents can go up and down using more then one color and different sizes. You can look into different home magazines or check the internet for some fun ideas. You should, of course, show these ideas to your kids and get their opinion.

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Don’t make repainting your child’s room an unwanted task. This can be a fun time and something you can share with your children. If you’re just expecting your first little one and you’re preparing his or her bedroom, this is also an exciting time, though you will have to do a lot of guessing. This can also be a great opportunity to inspire your baby as they grow. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would love to help make you and child’s dream come true! Contact us for all your painting needs!

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