Drywall Repair Mistakes; Oversanding, Sheetrock Nail Pops & Patching Electrical Outlet Holes in Amagansett NY

Drywall damage can occur from many different sources, whether a nail has popped out, a hole was gouged in by a foreign object or scraped and left an unsightly deep mark in your wall; the drywall is in need of repair. Drywall repair and replacement may look easy to someone who has never attempted to do it before, however many home owners quickly discover that proper drywall repair requires a great deal of skill and experience to repair the drywall and leave the area looking flawless. In most cases, home owners will spend at least twice the amount of time they had estimated when it comes to drywall repair.

Oversanding Drywall – DIY Mistake

The best way to properly repair any type of drywall damage is to hire a professional to get the job done right. Home owners who decide to attempt to repair the drywall in their home usually end up making the same common mistakes which result in poorly repaired drywall that sometimes even ends up looking worse than it did before the DIY repair started. Oversanding is a common mistake that is made during drywall repair. Smoothing the joints on a wall while hanging drywall can be difficult and even tricky. If you oversand a joint, you will need to apply a fresh coat of joint compound and start all over.

How to Fix Sheetrock Nail Pops

Nail pops in sheetrock and drywall occur when a nail that rests beneath the drywall pops out of the surface of the wall. You can easily avoid this problem by using screws rather than nails, as screws are obviously made to stay put a lot better than a nail is. If you have a large area that has a serious problem with nail pops, you will need to replace the entire wall, insert screws rather than nails, and re-patch the area. This is a task that will be best executed by a professional who has the required skills and experience to get your wall looking like new again.

How to Patch Electrical Hole in Drywall

Another common mistake that is made when homeowners attempt to replace drywall on their own is when an electrical outlet is on the wall or area that is being replaced. You must account for the space, shape and size of the outlet that is present when cutting the appropriate hole in the drywall to accommodate the fixture. This is a step that is often over looked and can cause a great deal of frustration for those who are not experienced and skilled to get the job done right the first time.

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