Exterior Paint Problems in Amagansett, NY; Avoiding Damage from Trees, Sprinklers, Dirt & More

There are many areas of the house that may need your attention and touchup. One thing that most people keep an eye on is the paint on the walls. The great thing is that this is a part of home renovations that is fun and can change the entire look and feel of the space. You can choose a new bold color to accent your new furnishings. You can also go with a color that lightens and brightens the house as well. The paint in your house can start to wear out, become cracked or damaged and that is when you might decide to have them redone. When it comes to the paint on the exterior of your home it can go overlooked and when it starts to become damaged you want to make sure that you have it repainted. The great thing is that there are things that you can do to avoid letting your paint become damaged on the exterior of your home. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc outlines what you can do to avoid letting your exterior paint become damaged.

Trees & Shrubs Can Damage Paint

When it comes to your home you want to have it look its very best. This means for most people that they want their home to be the center of attention. Then they have it outfitted with trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers to make the property look amazing. They also might want to have some hardscaping such as rocks, stone path and even pavers. These are all needed to make your house look balanced out. The problem is that your landscaping can actually cause some trouble for the paint on the side of your house. You want to make sure that the trees on your property and the bushes and shrubs are not too close to the house. They can start to get too close and then they will hit the house and rub up against it. This can easily cause damage to the paint on the exterior of your house.

Can Sprinklers Hitting House Damage Exterior Paint?

The exterior of your house is exposed to the sun, rain, wind and other weather. If you have your home painted by a professional painter that uses good quality paint it is intended to withstand. That does not mean that your home is protected and that you do not have to worry about it. One of the things that tends to happen is that when the landscaping is being watered the sprinklers might hit your house. The issue is that if the water is hitting your house in the same spot every time the plants are being watered it can cause damage to the paint then to the house itself. You want to make sure that you have your landscape sprinklers adjusted so that they are not hitting the house.

Dirt & Debris Can Damage House Paint

It may not seem like it but your home can start to become covered with dirt and debris that will attach to the house. The longer you let the dirt and debris stay on the house the more damage it can start to do. You want to make sure you have your house pressure washed to remove some of the dirt that could be breaking down the color.

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