Exterior Painting FAQs in Shinnecock Hills, NY; How Often Should House Be Painted & More

 As a consumer looking for services, especially as a homeowner needing services, can leave with a lot of questions, particularly when you involve a professional.   When it comes to your home, it was a lifelong investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Giving your home the proper care and maintenance regularly is important for the overall condition, longevity, and esthetics.  At L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc., we understand that getting the right services for your home comes with a lot of questions. Which is why we have taken a handful of the most frequently asked questions by consumers and listed answers for your convenience.  If you do not see your question here today, please feel welcome in contacting us and we will happily answer your questions at no further obligation.

Question: How frequently should homeowners paint the exterior of their home?

Answer:  The exterior paint of your home will deteriorate eventually; additional factors can expedite the paint’s deterioration.  Interior painting needs more maintenance than exterior, so comparing the 2 doesn’t help you dictate the exterior.  If the materials look deteriorated, paint is peeling or looking dull and lifeless, that is a sign a home needs to be painted. 

Question: What preparation work is involved prior to painting day?

Answer:  Professionals typically take care of most of the necessary prep and cover things to avoid paint splatters, or our safety.  If the homeowner cares to make safer and easier on the professional, removing the clutter out of the way is best.

Question: If the exterior of my home is stucco, can I get a fresh coat of exterior paint?

Answer:    Stucco is easily painted with a fresh coat of exterior paint by a professional.  No matter what materials are used on the exterior of your home, a skilled professional has the materials and expertise to effectively give your home the fresh paint.

Question: Is my lawn and landscaping safe during the painting procedure?

Answer:  Decking, gardens, lawns, and other permanent fixtures around the home is well protected and the professionals are respectful to not trample your delicates.

Question: Why does exterior paint peel?

Answer:   There are many contributing factors that affect exterior paint; paint will peel due to age, composition of the paint, poor application, and climate conditions.

Question: How many coats of paint are applied during exterior painting services?

Answer:  Professionals recommend a minimum of 2 coats of paint for superior coverage and protection.  Even with 2 coats of paint, our crew gets the job done quickly and efficiently in a satisfactory amount of time.

Question: Is pressure washing the exterior before a paint job really necessary?

Answer:  A pressure cleaning ensures all debris is removed from the painted surface allowing the smooth to be applied clean and crisp.  It is always in your best interest to allow the professional to perform a power washing prior to painting.

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