Exterior Painting in Spring in Hampton Bays, NY

You have been waiting months for the snow to melt. It is finally starting to melt and the weather is starting to warm up. You start looking at your home and realized that your home needs to be painted on the exterior. Spring is a perfect time to do so. But there are a few things that you need to consider before you start painting the exterior of your home. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. outlines why exterior painting in spring is ideal.

Why Should I Paint in Spring?

Winter can be rough on homes. If you have already had exterior damage then the weather can enter those damaged places and cause even bigger damage. Taking care of the damage in the spring can eliminate bigger problems. Not only will painting your home in the spring help if you had damage over the winter. Spring is a great time to paint your house before you start planting a garden or doing yard work. That way you don’t have to go around your garden or ruin it.  It is also a great time before summer starts. Summer gets busy with people over for barbecues or you are on vacation. This is why spring is a perfect time to tackle the job and get the exterior of your house looking fresh.

Tips for Exterior Spring Painting

If you want to paint your house in the spring you have to consider a few things. First, you want your home to be completely dry. This means you need your house to be dry from any rain or moisture that has been on it the last few days. You will need a few days of good weather to dry out the exterior of your home. You will also want to look at the forecast and make sure that no rain is supposed to happen within 24 hours after you paint. You need to let the paint have time to dry before the weather hits it. Looking at the forecast before you set the date to paint your house is a very important part of the process. You also want to make sure that the weather is 50° or above. The paint cures better when it is warmer weather.

Professional House Painting in Spring

Often people are in a rush to get their homes painted. Maybe you are trying to sell your home or you have a big event in your home. Whatever your reason is, can you do it? If you feel like you are in a hurry there are a few things that you can do. The first and best thing is to talk to a professional painting contractor. They know what paints work best if the temperature is lower than it should be and they are reliable and efficient. A painting company also has the expertise and knowledge when it comes to painting and can evaluate your home and see if it is appropriate to paint in a hurry. Also hiring a professional can determine if the weather is good enough to paint and get it done in a timely matter. So, if you are in a hurry talk to a professional and see what they suggest.

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Spring is an excellent time to paint your exterior but make sure that you are doing what needs to be done so that your home will look great after it is painted. If you are looking for a professional then give L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc a call and they can answer your questions.

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