Faux Finish or Textured Interior Painting Ideas & Techniques in Sag Harbor NY; Graining Textures, Paint Sponging, Leathering, Plastering & More!

When painting the interior walls of your abode, there is a plethora of options at your fingertips. Paint colors, texture, paint types, combinations, the list goes on. Faux painting uses painting techniques to give the illusion of alternative surfaces. For example, various painting procedures can be made to resemble concrete, marble or wood among others. Finding the right one for you might be challenging, but the textures added to your typical interior paint can add flare or even change the dynamics of the room.

L.W. Winslow Painting Inc shares some of the faux painting options available.

Faux Concrete: For those looking for a contemporary look, the concrete design brings a softer side of it. Every technique executed brings on a unique look. The basics of this execution are a strategic placement of white, gray and black, and perform glazing and blending with a 9 inch plaster blade. This method requires both patience and dedication until the end.
Graining texture: A trendy style is the faux bois, or wood look. For those wanting to keep up with the masses, this might be the way to do it. Graining tools specifically for wood-grain finish is easily obtained, and drag it gently over a wet painted surface. Rocking the tool as you drag can mimic the natural grainy look off the wood grain.
Sponging technique: The sponge effect has been around for awhile and is still a classic texture commonly used. It’s fairly simple to accomplish, dip a dry sponge into pet and blot it onto the wall. The trick is to apply the sponge in multiple layers, very lightly to create density throughout. Using a few variations of lighter paint shades of the bas color can add depth subtly.
Ragging technique: Another older trend still widely used is ragging. This technique is not complicated, crumple a dampened cloth, or a plastic or paper bag can work as well, randomly press your makeshift tool onto wet surfaces. Regularly rinse out or swap out for a fresh tool.
Rag-rolling: This subtle faux look is an elegant effect. Crumpling a rag and roll it into a worm-like shape, and twirl it down the painted wall. If you desire more bold and dramatic effects, drizzle the rag itself with paint and swirl it around the wall.
Leathering: Leathering is very similar to rag-rolling. Paint your base color as normal. After which, with a few pieces of chamois roll and tie them together, glaze another layer of paint with your newly comprised tool. The end result is a soft, dappled look of distressed leather.
Plastering: This technique is a perfect way to glorify the “Old World” look for ceilings and/or walls, using putty knife, apply chunks of plaster to the surface and spread it according to your tastes, and paint over the dried plaster.

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There are many faux painting and texture techniques that can create awesome designs and prints. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc professionals are fully equipped with the tools and using our talents can create beautiful works of art to give your interior the beautiful charm you crave. Call us today!

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