Flat, Specialty, Metal Paints: What’s Best for your Next Southampton Painting Project?

Taking on a paint project within your home or on the exterior can be a fun and exciting home improvement project. Paint comes in a never ending variety of colors, textures, and is made for specific purposes. Knowing what type of paint to use for the home improvement job you are taking on is important to give you the best end results. While most paint comes in an egg shell finish, flat finish, semi-gloss finish or high-gloss finish, some of these options will look better than others depending on the area you wish to paint. Applying a base coat will also produce a more pleasing finished product.

Flat Paint

If you are planning on painting your walls or your ceiling, your best bet is to use a flat paint. There is also a flat paint available for exterior purposes such as on siding materials. It helps the areas painted deal with any type of moisture. Flat paint can be applied in as many layers as desired, as long as the end result is even coverage. If you are using flat paint in a paint sprayer, be sure to dilute the flat paint with ten percent water. Flat paint is available in matte finish, egg-shell finish and silk finish.

Specialty Paint Products & Finishes

If you are taking on a home improvement job that requires a little more specific paint, like for your kitchen or floor, there are specialty paints that will work much better in these areas, than the paint you would use to paint your walls or ceiling with. Specialty paint for a bathroom or kitchen resists fungal growth and moisture better than the standard can of paint. Using specialty paint in the bathroom or kitchen will also improve the quality of that specific area and provide you with better coverage and sturdiness. Spending a little extra on specialty paint will pay off in the long run.

Paint & Primers for Metal Surfaces

If you are looking to repaint that metal patio furniture out back, then there is a specific type of paint you should look for when shopping for the right color. Metal paint comes in a variety of high-gloss, smooth and textured options. Some of these metal paints can be applied right over rust, which can make a restoration job a lot easier. After using a metal specific paint, it is important to thoroughly clean your brushes or roller using a paint thinner rather than mineral cleanser.

Professional Painters in Southampton NY

Become familiar with the types of paint that are used specifically for the home improvement job you are looking to accomplish. For the best results however, contact a professional. L.W. Winslow Painting Inc. will answer all of your painting questions and provide you with the absolute best painting service available.

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