Foolproof Open Floor Plan Paint Color Scheme Selections for Your Montauk, NY House

For quite some time now, homes have been built with open floor plans. It has become popular for the advantages it offers with bringing everyone together from the various living spaces. It creates a spacious design as the rooms meld together, making it feel comforting, inviting, and cheerful. The issue on most people’s mind is how to choose a color palette that will transition from one room to another when walls are no longer dividing the rooms. Too little color often seems dull and boring but too much color will look overwhelming. Today, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share some tips and how you can paint an open floor plan and bring it all together.

Open Plan Paint Color Schemes

1) Select 3-5 paint colors. Stick to using 3-5 colors for the entire space; a vital tactic that will bring balance to the open floor plan. One color should be white, or a very light color, one or two colors should be picked from the neutral palettes, and one or two should be supporting colors. To maintain a cohesive color scheme, choose the colors from the same family or colors that share the same intensity.
2) Neutral paint colors. In an open space, the neutrals do not need to be boring. You can implement patterns or texture to spice it up. Choosing a neutral color or a simple white is a great background color for an open floor plan and it gives you options from the textures and patterns, to contrasting colors, a unique ceiling or a colorful backsplash.
3) Accent paint colors. You can add some color in strategic places with a neutrally painted room. Look for the interesting angles and corners or architectural focal points to go bold with. You won’t have to wonder where the lines should be drawn in areas where there is a natural stop and start point. The bold or contrasting colors for your accents will change the dynamics by offering comfort but style to it.
4) Paint tone changes. Too much of one color can flood a space in an unsightly manner. Use the tone on tone approach to add dimension or transition from one space to another in the open plan living space.
5) Architecture and furnishings. Do not underestimate the architecture and furniture to help enhance the space’s overall style. Bookcases for example, can help break up a long wall that gives you more room for altering the colors. Kitchen cabinets can tie 2 rooms together. To slightly alter the color from room to room, take advantage of the ceiling beams to provide a natural transition. The molding can also be resource to break the colors up for a unique blend. Keeping the neutral background and using the furniture to bring color to the space is also useful. Pop out the colors you want with whimsically-colored chairs or anchor the accent wall with matching throw pillows. A rug can define the color in the living space to help you avoid changing colors on the walls. Use the flooring, furnishings, accessories and the architecture to bring colors to each room of the open floor plan.

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