Garage Interior Wall Paint Color Ideas, Preparation & Painting Tips Southampton, NY

There is one area of a home that often gets overlooked when it comes to giving our interior walls a fresh coat of paint and that is the garage. Some garages may never have seen a fresh coat of paint. For those who spend time in the garage you may have realized that your garage walls have been neglected and you may want to repaint them. There are some differences when painting the walls of a garage as compared to the interior rooms in the home. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share the proper way to paint the inside of a garage.

Best Paint for Interior Garage Walls; Exterior!

Consider that a garage is technically an interior room of a home. Nonetheless, it is exposed to more elements, especially humidity, than any other area of the home. Because of the extreme temperatures and elements that the interior of the garage is exposed to, it differs from a typical paint job in some aspects. The two major considerations you will want to apply when painting the garage. One is to always use a good primer on the walls and the second is to never use an interior paint for the garage. Choose an exterior, acrylic latex paint instead. These types of paints can withstand extreme temperatures such as cold and heat and to the other elements, especially moisture and humidity. When painting the interior of your garage you may want to incorporate some extra steps as well. Follow these basic steps when painting a garage for the best outcome.

Step 1. How to Prepare a Garage for Painting

Clear Garage. Like any paint job, you will want everything out of the garage or at least away from the walls. You will want to remove all outlet covers. However, for many this is where the prep work stops. This should not be the case in the garage. Garages often have a lot of dirt inside and especially on the walls. –
– Clean Garage Before Painting. Next, you will want to wipe down the walls. You may want to sweep the floor and hose them off to remove the excess dirt and dust out of your garage as well.
Repair Drywall Holes. After cleaning you will want to take this time or do any repair jobs that are needed. Any holes or cracks on the walls can be repaired with a joint compound or even a silicone caulking glue. Any other drywall repair should be done at this time before moving forward.
Tape. After cleaning the walls and floor of the dirt, debris and spider webs as well as making necessary repairs, you can place your painters tape on the areas you don’t want paint getting on, such as the edges and windows.

Step 2. Primer Paint for Walls

Since the garage is exposed to so many elements it is important to apply a good quality primer. Many will skip priming their walls. This is a common mistake. The primer will help protect the wall from moisture, mold, and mildew that often accumulates inside the garage. The primer is easily applied on the wall. Just like paint, you can use a paint brush and roller; it even can be applied with a paint sprayer for those who may own one.

Step 3. Painting Garage Walls

Now that your prep work is done and the primer is on the walls, you can apply the paint. Start by using a 2 inch angled paint brush and paint along the floor, ceiling and corner edges of the walls where a roller won’t fit or paint properly. After painting the edges you can use the roller on the rest of the walls. Note: if your garage walls haven’t been painted in a long time the wall will be pretty dry and will soak up the paint. You may need to use more paint to properly saturate the walls. It is common to apply at lease two coats in a garage become of the dryness.

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