Give Kids Their Own Space in Westhampton, NY; Best Paint Colors from Nursery to Teens

Each stage of life presents its very own set of wants and needs.  This is true as an individual, couple, and a family.  As we enter into these different phases of our life we may find ourselves needing to make some changes in our homes to accommodate for these wants and needs.  Here at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. we frequently paint interiors to help families have a home that fits their current needs.  Today we are going to talk about some common projects we work on to give kids their own space as they grow and their needs change.

Nursery Colors Affect Baby!

When you have a child it definitely requires some adjustments in your home.  Your home may not have an area that will work well as a nursery when you get pregnant.  This can occur on your first pregnancy or any other pregnancy after that.  We love to paint a bedroom that will serve as a nursery for the adorable babies that join your family. As color can affect babies’ moods, sleep patterns, and even how much they eat, you ideally want to choose a color on the spectrum that’s equal parts calm, restful, and nurturing such as subtle blues, nurturing greens, cozy pinks or earth inspired neutrals.

What Color Should a Playroom Be?

Parents want their children to enjoy playing with their toys no matter what age they are.  Having your children’s toys all over your home can be extremely maddening for parents!  When parents get frustrated with toys everywhere a simple answer is to have a dedicated play room with shelves, cabinets and other storage areas. Popular playroom colors range from neutrals that will complement all accessories to bright happy yellows, intense teal and grounding navy.

How Do You Style a Teenage Hangout Room?

Parenting teenagers can be an overwhelming experience for parents throughout the world.  Teenagers are notoriously hard to keep on track.  One way that parents strive to keep their teenagers on track is to entice them to hang out at their house.  If your house has lots to do your teenagers will want to bring their friends over.  The perfect teenager hangout will differ from family to family.  You may want a theater room with a large speaker, projector, and screen.  You may want a game room with a pool table, ping pong table, and more.  Maybe you want a combination of those concepts.  The best color scheme will be whatever your teen is into.

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If we didn’t mention the type of home improvement painting project that you are wanting to complete in our list here, that does not mean that we cannot help you.  Give L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc a call and we can come out and help you select the paint colors that will work for you and your family as well as expertly paint the interior of your home.

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