How Do I Choose Interior Painting Colors for My Home in Noyack, NY?

For those that have too many options, settling on one or two can be difficult, especially if there isn’t anyone around to give you solid input.  When painting the inside of your home, you are making an investment that you will live with, for at least a time, so choosing the right colors for you and your wall could be overwhelming.  Today, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to offer some tips and advice on picking the right shade of paint.  But always remember, you can let your spicy unique side shine and break the rules.

How to Pick Paint Colors for Interior Rooms 

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. has prepared a few pointers below:

                – When choosing either a warm or cool color scheme for your home, it is recommended that you pick one prominent color and then have colors you want to use as accents.

                –  For the rooms you want to paint that is long and narrow, painting the end, short walls darker.  Doing so can create an illusion that the room is more proportioned. 

                –  Solids and simple patterns are more subtle and more visually accepted where the bold patterns appear busy and a bit chaotic. 

                –  Just as bright and intense colors can add more visual weight, the soft neutral tones are more muted.

                –  To enhance a small room and help it appear larger, consider keeping the furniture in the close proximity of the color you chose for the walls. 

                –  Keep in mind that light can affect the color on your walls.  Fluorescent lights, for example, will reflect more cool tones of green or blue, where incandescent lighting will enhance the warm reddish colors.  When you are picking the perfect color, know how it will look in both daylight and night time hours.

                –  Accenting can play up characteristics.  Choosing the right location, such as a door, trim or ceiling, can determine how the room will be perceived.

How Do Colors Make You Feel?

Red:  More often than not, red is used as an accent color however; more people are being attracted to its energizing boldness and using it on walls.  Where using the intense reds can make a room feel more complex, going with a reddish brown can make for a charming and inviting feel. Reds can create energy and confidents to a room, but if misplaced or the wrong tones are used, it can also be an annoyance.

Pinks: Where the soft hues are concerned, promote delicacy and comfort, along with enhancing skin tones, which are perfect in a bedroom or bathroom.  The downside is that painting in the wrong place, like the floor can be a hindrance.

Oranges: Utilized as accent colors, especially when selecting pastels hues.  Orange colors are also energizing and creative with warmth.

Yellows: Can be distracting, but when used positively, it can be reflective to warm tones.  It will also enhance the bright and glowing affects.

Greens: Can reflect negatively with skin tones, avoid using them in bathrooms and bedrooms.  But with its calming nature it can be excellent for meditation, and relaxation. 

Blue: Shades can create dramatic affects when paired with dark and light shades.  Blue has a soothing and calming nature, find the right color to help you relax.

Grays: Neutral can be combined with any shade to really vamp up creativity and beauty.

White: Promotes cleanliness and can be intimidating while reflecting colors. 

Black: Can be threatening or dramatic.  Black can promote sophistication when applied appropriately.

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