How Do I Prep for Exterior Painting in Shelter Island, NY?

When you are ready to paint your house, you may think it is as simple as getting a paint color and painting. But there are a few prepping steps that you need to take before you can actually paint the exterior of your house. Why do we need to take these steps? L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. go over what the steps are and why you must do them.

Clean Outdoor Surfaces Before Painting

Over time the exterior of your home can get dirty. With the weather hitting your home with wind, rain, snow and sun your home can get a buildup of dust, dirt, grime, and even possibly moss. You do not want to paint over these. If you try to paint over dust, dirt grime, and moss you will just be wasting your time. When you try to paint over dirty surfaces it will put dirt and grime inside your paint and it will not look as nice. It will be a waste of your time because it will not last. The first thing you need to do is get a sponge and soapy water and scrub down the dirt and grime off your home. Some places might need a little more work than others. But you want to make sure that the exterior is clean. You can also use a high-pressure washer for the best results in getting rid of the dirt.

Professional Painters Sand & Repair Walls Before Painting

Your home can start to get cracks and holes in it. You do not want to just ignore the holes and cracks and paint over them. You want to sand the walls and fill in those holes and cracks. If you do not fix the problem areas in your home it can just become a larger problem later on. The weather is not always sunshine so when there is rain or snow you could start to have problems with these holes and cracks. You want to make sure that you fill in these holes correctly. This can be a filler solution or even caulk depending on where you are fixing your home.

Prime Exterior Walls

It is very important that you remember to prime your exterior walls. You will want to do this especially if you are changing colors. Priming the walls can help ensure that you do not see the color you once had on your walls. Priming can also help make the paint not look patchy or unfinished. The last thing you want is to get your whole exterior wall done and forget to prime it. Then realize that you can still see the color you just painted over and have it not look as nice as it should look.

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When you are prepping your house to be painted you also need to remember that it needs to be a nice day to paint. The easiest and simplest thing you can do is call a professional painter to come and paint the exterior of your home. They will take these painting steps so that you can get the best-looking exterior paint job. If you are looking for a professional painter then give L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc a call and we will come to make the outside of your home look beautiful.

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