How Do You Add Texture to Interior Walls Before Painting in Montauk, NY

The inside of your home is always a work in progress. Whether you are changing the layout of a room, swapping out pictures, or repainting the walls there is always things to do. Over time some of the décor may go out of style so a fresh start is needed. Trends also seem to come and go and if you want to modernize the look of your home you will need to make some changes. One are of the house that can be changed out is the color of the walls. A standard paint is great but a trend that has shown to increase the look and feel of your home is adding texture to the walls. Texture can add dimension and personal unique touch to your home. Texturing has come a long way and there are several options that you can have done on your walls. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. outlines ways that texture can be added to your interior walls.

Apply Textured Wallpaper

When you think about wallpaper you might remember back to your grandmother’s kitchen. The trend used to be covered in large yellow and green flowers but there is so much more that you can choose from. Wallpaper is now available in many colors, patterns and even texture. The texture options are a new trend that many people are using all over the house or just on some of the accent walls. The options are endless with just a raised pattern all the way to a burlap style paper.

Is Texture Paint is Different from Normal Paint?

Another great option that can be used to add texture to a wall is to use a paint that is specifically designed with texture in mind. If you have a flat wall all the blemishes are going to stand out if you choose a standard paint. The great thing about the textured paint is that it will help to hide the blemishes and adds some texture as well. The options can be stone, sand and other faux choices. You can still use the same great colors that you want since you can use the texture as an additive to the paint.

Faux Finish Painting Techniques

Another great option that you can go with is to have the walls painted with a faux finish. The wall may not have texture to the touch but the eye will catch the texture. There are several options that you can choose from that can be done professionally. There is sponge painting and other textures that mimic stone, brick and more. The professional painter should have some samples or options for you to choose from. This is a specialty service so it is best to find a company that offers this.

Add Texture Before Painting

Another option that you have is to have the walls textured prior to them being painted. This is a technique that uses a compound that is placed on the wall in a particular pattern. Then it is knocked down and smoothed out somewhat. After it has had time to dry you can have the walls painted.

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