How Do You Keep Interior & Exterior Paint from Fading in Westhampton, NY?

Have you ever moved a picture or a piece of wall décor only to find that the paint underneath is a different shade than the surrounding wall? Unfortunately, paint color can fade, and the primary reason is Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Fading begins when the pigments in the paint that give it its color begin to break down. Natural sunlight and even, in some cases, artificial light can cause paint to fade. If your interior and exterior paint is poor quality, you can expect paint fade to occur. The good news is that several things can be done to stop paint fading and even correct fading paint.

What Causes Interior Paint to Fade?

Your windows allow natural light into your home. Unfortunately, your windows also allow intense UV rays inside as well. Several options, including window film, are available to stop UV rays from entering your home. Blinds, window shades, curtains, and shutters can also help prevent paint fade. Even if you take preventative measures, time is ultimately your enemy. A good quality paint typically lasts about ten years. Temperature fluctuations in the home combined with light and heat can cause the chemical bond in the color to break down, resulting in paint fade.

Why Does Exterior Paint Fade?

Harsh weather, extreme temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight, and subpar paint can lead to color fade. The experts at L.W. Winslow recommend selecting a quality paint designed to repel UV rays. Avoid flat paint; instead, choose a Semi-gloss or reflective coating paint, which is ideal for exterior surfaces. Red, green, blue, and yellows absorb light and fade much quicker than light color selections. Your L.W. Winslow Painting expert can help select the correct pigmentation and paint for your next exterior painting project. Once you have narrowed down a light color with a reflective layer, your next task is to select the color pigment. The experts at L.W Winslow, Inc. recommend selecting a chemical color pigment instead of an organic color pigment that does not resist UV light. It would be best if you also planned on yearly maintenance to keep your color looking fresh and prevent weathering and fading.

How Do You Keep Paint from Fading in the Sun?

Photodegradation is the technical term for the pigment in paint breaking down and fading from contact with UV rays. To avoid paint fading, select light colors that reflect light instead of absorbing it. A good quality paint may be more expensive, but consider your purchase an investment. Quality paint provides a superior chemical bond that encourages the color to last longer and resist fading. For interior painting projects, select a pigment that is water-based acrylic or latex paint with no or low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The experts at L.W Winslow Inc. also recommend choosing a color comprising primer and paint. Many quality paints on today’s market are fade and mildew-resistant, an excellent choice for exterior painting projects.

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