How Do You Paint a Room So it Feels Bigger in Water Mill, NY?

We all want a little more space in our lives and when a family grows, it might feel like the walls are closing in. It would be nice to just knock down some walls and make more room, but that isn’t always ideal. It’s hard work and can cost a lot of money but there’s a way you can make a space feel bigger by creating the illusion of space and all you need is a little bit of paint. It’s not very expensive and it’s easy to do especially if you have some help!

How Can I Increase the Perceived Size of My Room with Paint?

  1. Use a light paint color. Lighter colors work to make a room look bigger and brighter. Walls that are light and bright make a space feel airy and open and it also helps makes the most of the effect created by the natural light. When you use a dark color, it can absorb any light and will make the room look smaller than it is. If you can’t stand the thought of a plain white walls then add a splash of color to one of the walls.
  2. Opt for cool hues. Colors are perceived differently in our brains. Warm colors like orange, yellow and red will advance which means they will draw a space in and make it feel smaller. On the other hand, cool colors like green, blue and violet will move away or recede and will make a space feel more open. If you really want a warm color, pick one that is dampened with cooler tones or choose one that is very washed out to maximize the open feeling.
  3. Use lighter colors on trim. The walls look like they are further back when you paint trim a shade or two lighter and will make the room appear larger than it is.
  4. Painting accents. You can create depth in a room by adding color to accents in the room. These could be a windowsill, a bookshelf or a radiator. If you have a hall or a foyer, you can paint it a dark color and then choose lighter colors in the room you’re trying to make look bigger. This will create a contrast between the two spaces and make the room feel more spacious.
  5. Create an optical illusion. Painting horizontal stripes in a room that is narrow will make the room look wider. Another way to go would be to paint vertical stripes on the walls of a room with a low ceiling to make the ceiling appear higher.
  6. Keep things clean. The illusion of space can be created when you use one color scheme, in different shades and textures throughout the room. Use on the flooring, furniture and walls to keep things monochromatic.
  7. Paint the ceiling. Use the same color of paint on the ceiling along with the walls. If you choose to so this in white, it will enhance the cloud-like effect. It also works by blending the line between the wall and the ceiling and works by playing a trick on your brain by making your eye travel up to make the ceiling appear higher.

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