How Long Does Paint Last on Interior & Exterior Walls in Noyack, NY? Painting Quality & More

Once you invest in new paint inside or outside your home, you may wonder how long you have until you have to repaint your home again. Determining how long paint can last can be difficult as different elements can effect the longevity of the paint. However, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share on average how long paint can last both inside and outside.

Useful Life of Interior Paint

When it comes to the lifespan of interior paint, it can easily last 15 years or longer, as long as the paint isn’t compromised. Paint indoors can last a very long time, and because of this, often the home gets new paint simply out of choice. In most cases, the homeowner wishes to change the color of the walls in their home before the paint has actually expired. However, if paint inside the home has been damaged due to water, humidity, fire, or by little ones who have used the wall as a large mural, often the wall demands new paint. Another major consideration as to how long paint will last is, of course, the quality of the paint. When using cheaper paints you may find the paint expires around 8 to 10 years and doesn’t hold up well in humidity or in other harsher conditions. When investing in paint for your home, you will want to use quality paint often price around 43.00 per gallon or more to ensure the longevity of the paint.

How Often Should You Paint Your House Exterior?

When considering the lifespan of exterior paint, it will essentially break down to the paint quality. As the outside of the home is exposed to wind, rain, sun and sunlight it is easy to say paint wont last nearly as long as interior paint. Another major consideration is the painted surface. Different surfaces such as stucco, wood, vinyl and other exterior materials will also dictate how long the paint will last. Certain materials can absorb heat and moisture which causes paint to crack and chip. As the paint cracks and chips, it will need a new coat of paint to protect the material of the home. The paint’s color also can affect how soon it will need to be painted. Darker colored paint absorbs heat and causes the paint to become weakened. To help extend the life of the exterior paint, avoid using too dark of colors. As painting the homes exterior is a major investment, it often requires professional services. It is recommended to use quality paint. Avoid using cheaper paint to help save on the cost of the project. It will result in premature repainting. Another common problem is painting on a dirty surface which results in immediate bubbling of the paint. When painting the exterior surface of your home, make sure to pressure the clean the outside thoroughly.

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When painting the inside or outside of your home, it is desirable to want the project to last. One of the best advice we can give is to use quality paint and properly prep for the job. To ensure a beautiful paint job with proper prepping, consider seeking professional painting services. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc provides interior and exterior painting services and more. For quality painting services, contact L.W. Winslow Painting Inc today.                  

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