How Should I Paint My House to Sell in Water Mill, NY? Best Colors & More

 Selling a house can be quite the experience, with so much to do; it can be hard to decide what projects to undertake in preparation for the home to be sold.  Many homeowners chose to revitalize the walls with a fresh coat of paint and where this is an optimal, inexpensive option to glam up the home, many homeowners make mistakes in painting and with that in mind; L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to offer some tips and advice on painting the house effectively to attract potential buyers.

What Paint Color for Living Room Increases Home Value?

A balanced combination of neutral and warm tones is an exceptional use of colors that most experts agree on for the living space.    These tones can be incorporated easily with current trends and popular styles.  As the buyers go from house to house, they have a tendency to visualize their art pieces, furniture and other accessories of their throughout the rooms; considering that, if your living space is neon purple or florescent orange it will be difficult to imagine the space their own, which ultimately influences their decision.  Keep the living room and halls in neutral colors such as creamy white, light beiges, soft grays, and use complimentary darker hues minimally as accents, but still in keeping with the neutral or earthy tones. 

What is the Best Color to Paint a Kitchen for Resale?

Experts recommend using the kitchen to play with the brighter colors and capture the attention of buyers.  Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, where many mundane activities transpire such as the cooking, slicing, dicing, chopping, mixing and baking, school projects, bills, and so on, drab and dull only adds to the mood.  Utilizing the brighter colors, you can influence the moods and increase the excitement and enthusiasm when conducting the same old routine.  Brighter and lighter colors are also ideal in the kitchen as they help illuminate the room, allowing the grand chef to see the difference between a rare and medium rare steak, or the kids to select the right color green or blues for the class project.  If you opt for white, avoid painting the room in all white, as people naturally shy away from the sterile feeling of a hospital.  Consider the flooring, countertops, appliances, and cupboards and if you choose white, select a rich color to accent the space and add color.  Primary colors of the kitchen can be pale yellows or olives hues as well as the faint warm shades of beige or creams.

Should I Paint Exterior of House Before Selling?

If you decide to enrich the vibrancy of the exterior of your home, experts suggest avoiding colors that clash in the natural environment; for example, wooded lots should be paints in earthy colors as opposed to bright colorful options.  When selecting the final color, consider the home’s exterior surfaces like any existing brick or stone work, the rooftops materials and coloring, as well the landscaping.   If for example, you have an abundance of greens with shrubs, trees, vegetation, and grass; painting the house green will not be very conducive to the eye.   Keep the exterior painted in neutral colors and opt for the earthy tones pertinent to your surroundings, remember you want it to stand out, but in a positive way.

What is the Best Paint Color to Sell a Bedroom? 

Bedrooms are a safe haven where people seek refuge from the stress of day to day life and get the much needed rest and relaxation.  If the bedroom is painted in eccentric animal prints and/or exotic colors, it can turn off a lot of people.  The last place a bedroom needs is where the added stress or anxiety rises.   Neutral colors or even the calming effect of blues are ideal in the bedroom.  Whichever color option, whether you lean towards the cool or warm undertones, pale or soft hues are a good choice in any bedroom.

 How to Paint a Bathroom for Sale

Bathrooms painted in bold paint and loud prints are obnoxious to most and homeowners often make the mistake of using such ideas and dark colors.  When you are trying to sell the house you want to maximize space.  The bold, the dark, the loud prints all make a traditionally small bathroom look smaller yet, avoid the chaos and keep bathrooms soft.  Again, lighter neutral colors with pale tones are ideal to make the already smaller space look larger. 

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