How to Get Rid of Paint Fumes & Odors in Your Westhampton, NY House After Interior Painting

After you have had the inside of your home painted, many find they can’t tolerate the odor of the fresh paint. There are many with sensitive scents when it comes to the chemicals in the paint. On average it can take around two to three days for the odor to become more tolerable. For those who don’t want to wait two or three days to be able to relax inside their home, there are a few ways to reduce the odor and cover the scent of the paint. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share a few tricks to help remove and reduce the odor from fresh paint more quickly.

Charcoal for Paint Smell

Charcoal is an excellent odor reducer because it can absorb odor much like baking soda. Charcoal is extremely porous and can reduce a number of types of odor including paint. You can find crushed charcoal at your local health food store. You can place a bowl of charcoal before or after the painting and within a few hours, the odor will be reduced.

Baking Soda Removes Paint Odors

For those who may not be able to find crushed charcoal, another alternative is baking soda. If the room that was painted has carpet you can sprinkle the baking soda over the carpet and it will also remove the odors from the paint. Or you can spread out small bowls throughout the room to help absorb the odor out of the air.

Lemon Water Gets Rid of Paint Smells

Another amazing trick that doesn’t just remove odor but adds a pleasant citrus scent in your home is lemon water. You will want a large bowl or bucket that is halfway filled with water. Then, cut up one full lemon. Put it into the water and add a little bit of salt. Let the lemon water set in the area or room overnight. If it is a larger room like an open living room, you may need two buckets of lemon water.

Coffee Grounds Can Help Remove Paint Fumes

So many people love of the smell of coffee, but what many people don’t know is that coffee grounds are a natural deodorizer and can help remove odor in the air. Place some dried used/unused coffee grounds in a bowl and let it sit in the painted area for a few hours. Overnight provides for better results. The air will have a pleasant coffee smell and less of the paint.

Candles Can Mask Smell of Paint

Candles don’t remove odor by absorbing the odor out of the air. However, scented candles can help mask the smell of fresh paint and add a more pleasant scent in your home. Some people claim that the flame from the candle can absorb odors from the air which can help reduce and make the scent of the paint fainter. Remember to put out the candle before you go to sleep or if you leave the home.

Fans Get Rid of Paint Fumes

After painting you can open up the windows and turn on a few fans to help blow out some of the odors from the paint. Consider using the fans first, then follow up with an additional methods such as the baking soda, charcoal, lemon water, or coffee grounds. The fan can help dry the paint faster and you can circulate and remove the chemical odor in the air by opening up the windows. You will then have fresher air after painting in your home.

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