How to Paint High Walls & Vaulted or Cathedral Ceilings in Your Montauk, NY House

Painting projects may seem easy when you decide to repaint your home or even a single room in your home. However, if you’re looking to paint a room with really high vaulted ceilings, suddenly a simple painting project becomes a hassle. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share how to tackle a painting project that entails walls with high ceilings and what you can do to make this project go quicker and easier.

Best Ways to Paint High Walls & Ceilings

Ladder – First when you are painting walls that have high ceilings, you will want to get a ladder. While this may seem obvious, the size of the ladder you need might not be so obvious. Start by measuring the height of the wall. You want the ladder to be pretty close to the same height. You will want to be high enough you can reach the edges with your hand. It is recommended you do all the trim work on a single wall first and then paint the rest of the wall before you move to the next wall. This gives you a cleaner finish and prevents overlapping marks. When doing the trim work you want to be comfortable and not stretching when reaching the edges of the wall. For one, it is dangerous and two, you will end up having a pretty poor trim job. When you need a ladder to paint walls with tall ceilings, reach and comfort are your two main priorities. Most hardware stores should rent out ladders or you can ask a friend or family member if they have a ladder in the size you need and is safe to use. Never use a ladder that doesn’t set evenly or looks questionable.
Extension Pole – Don’t do all the work on the ladder. Get a good extension pole to help you roll the paint in those higher areas. For those people with really high ceilings, you may need a short stable ladder to help you reach the taller areas with more ease. Make sure you get a pole extension. Avoid one that is too cheap or one that feels wobbly when it is extended. You want the pole to feel sturdy. You will find an extension pole helps save you unnecessary trips up and down the ladder.
Paint Brush – A good paint brush makes all the difference when doing the trim work. Cheap brushes don’t hold as much paint and they don’t spread paint as evenly. Also make sure the brush has a good edge that is slightly angled to help you paint the trim cleanly. When you do paint the trim, make sure to paint a 4 to 6 inch border. This will help when it comes time to roll the paint on the wall. You don’t want to hit the ceiling with the paint.
Paint – Choose a good paint that is both a primer and paint in one. Priming the wall is important. However when it comes to painting a wall with a vaulted ceiling, no one wants to paint the wall twice. A high quality of paint that is also a primer will make all the difference.

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For those who don’t have the ability, time, man power, or tools to paint walls with high ceilings, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. We are prepared to handle any painting project and provide a professional finish!

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