How to Paint Tongue & Groove or Other Shiplap in Hampton Bays, NY; Paint Sheen or Finish to Use & More

Shiplap is a budget-friendly, stylish option for your walls.  These applications are paintable and as a result, offers more flexible to better accommodate your design preferences.   Today, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to offer some advice on painting the shiplap in your New York home.

Paint Types Used for Shiplap

You need to know which type of paint is ideal for a shiplap-style wall before you begin the painting project.  Use a water-based paint-and-primer in one for the best results on wood shiplap.   Because you’ll only be using one product instead of paint and a separate primer, this helps you save time and money.   The all-in-one paint product also has superior coverage and will require fewer coats of paint.  Keep in mind the right paint sheen to fit the style you have in mind as well as the functionality. Though matte finishes look amazing on shiplap, it can be hard to clean. A semi-gloss sheen will be easier to wipe down and still look great.  between sheen like satin or eggshell will provide a more matte look while still being relatively easy to clean.

Tips for Painting Shiplap

Painting new shiplap is better done before you install it.  Before the shiplap is up on the wall it is easier to paint the edges.  Prior to applying a water-based paint in a Urethane Enamel for finish hardness, if the shiplap is made of engineered wood (MDF or medium density fiberboard) instead of real wood, seal with an oil-based primer.   Avoid using a latex wall paint.  Being water sensitive, this prevents the water-based paint from damaging the MDF.   To give the shiplap boards additional water and humidity protection, the separate coat of oil-based primer.  Give the shiplap boards additional water and humidity protection though separate coat of oil-based primer.  Before painting, don’t forget to fill in any nail holes and gaps in the shiplap with spackle or caulk.   Fill in holes and gaps after the shiplap is in place and then touch up these areas with paint should you paint the shiplap prior to installation.  Taking extra time to paint the gaps and shiplap grooves with a small brush paint it like wall if the shiplap was already installed. 

How to Paint Shiplap

1) To protect it from paint splatters and drips, cover the floor and surrounding area.

2)  With sandpaper or a palm sander and wipe away any remaining sawdust, sand down the shiplap boards.

3)  Apply a primer product if it is separate before the paint and allow it to dry completely.  If you use an all-in-one paint and primer product, this step is not necessary,

4)  With a paintbrush or roller prior to placing the boards on the wall if possible, apply the first coat of paint.  You will find that using a small paintbrush makes it easier to get in all of those nooks and crannies that tend to be hard to reach if you are wondering how to paint shiplap grooves.

5)  Clean the nail holes and fill with paintable caulk or spackle after installing the shiplap, or if they are already installed.

6)  Sand the surface lightly once the caulk or spackle is dry.

7)  Using the small paintbrush to make sure the nail holes and grooves are covered, roll or brush on a final coat of paint

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To ensure your shiplap is efficiently painted, call L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc and let our certified experts take care of the rest. 

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