How to Prevent & Fix Peeling Paint in Southampton, NY; Apply Primer Before Painting & More

Unfortunately, no paint job will last forever. At some point the painted surfaces will flake, peel, crack, and blister. When we choose that perfect color, we want the paint to last as long as possible. Though all painted surfaces are susceptible to wear and tear so to speak, the exterior paint seems to really take a lot more abuse being exposed to the piercing sun, weather conditions, humidity, dry spells, and other circumstances. In an effort to help your painting projects last as long as possible, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to share a few tips.

How to Prevent Peeling Paint

Opt for a Flexible Paint: So fewer blisters, cracks, and peels form, latex or water-based paints that manufactured with 100% acrylic resin have the greatest flexibility, which allows it to breathe. The oil-based paints have limited flexibility, making them likely to deteriorate quicker.
Coats that are thinly applied have a tendency to crack under the stress of the different weather conditions and too many coats of paint will easily fall apart due to the weight. The impact of the weather and temperature changes greatly affect the durability of paint. Keep in mind as well that paint cannot adhere to weathered wood because it lacks a solid surface to properly attach. It is encourages that the wood is sanded or stripped to remove the weathered surface to ensure the paint properly paints onto the surface.
Use Primer Before Painting: Too many people skip the primer, which results in poor quality results, and the paint simply won’t last. Choosing the right primer for the primary paint to stick to really helps the lifespan of your paint.
Remove Mildew Before Painting: Painting over dirt and mildew is another mistake that people are making that causes choppy results, and the paint film to erode. If you have mildew, remove it by scrubbing it off with one part bleach and 3 parts bleach. You have to wait until the surface is fully dry before painting.
Test Painting Over Old Paint: You can perform a test to see if you can simply prime and paint over the old paint. Take a strip of duct tape and firmly stick to the old painted surface and rip it off. If the old paint remains intact, prime it and paint over it. If some old paint rips off with the duct tape, you will need to strip off the old paint first.
Lower Humidity Before Painting: When exposed to too much moisture or humidity the paint can potentially blister and peel. Before the room can be painted, you can use dehumidifiers to remove the humidity, and be sure to repair any exhaust vents or leaks. Once it is dry, the paint can be applied; protecting it from the humid conditions.
Avoid Direct Heat & Sunlight: After the coat is applied, heat can make the paint blister as it dries within 24 hours. Frequently professionals use the rule of thumb to follow the sun around the house to avoid the excessive heat. So basically, if you do the exterior paint job yourself, paint the south side early in the morning, the west side around noon, and the north and east sides later in the day. This will help prevent the blister from forming as the paint dries.
Don’t Paint When Rain is Forecast: Do not paint wet surfaces or if it is due to rain within 48 hours of painting or you can expect the paint to pucker. So the windowsills do not retain moisture, tilt them slightly downward and have wide roof overhangs to protect wall boards to prevent water collection.

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Additionally, select the appropriate indoor and exterior paints ideal for your climate that is high quality. The better the quality the longer they will last when applied correctly and under ideal circumstances. To ensure your exterior and interior painting projects are done with superior workmanship, call the specialists of L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc and we will get it done with precision and smooth, perfect coverage.

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