Neutral, Warm & Cool Paint Color Guide for Living & Other Rooms in Your Montauk, NY House

Wanting to give the interior of your home or business an instant face-lift is easily accomplished with the use of simply painting the walls. With it being the most effective and inexpensive method to achieve change, painting is appealing to many people. We at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to offer a painting color guide for your project.

Paint Ideas for Your Whole House

Trim and Woodwork Paint Colors: Fitting with any modern style and color scheme, white is a classic choice and with a variety of shades it is fairly versatile. When selecting the right color of white, keep in mind the cool or warm undertones. But you can easily find the most appealing color that coordinates with the primary colors of your rooms.
Ceiling Paint Color Ideas: There is no rule saying you must leave your ceilings white, but a traditionally, a popular favorite is the variations of white. Ceilings can be left traditional, used an accent as well or even an accent peace is all acceptable.
Bathroom Paint Colors: For bathrooms, light colors are optimal for a few reasons; one, bathrooms are typically designed small. Using lighter colors will make them appear more spacious. Additionally, the lighter hues will help conceal moisture buildup on the walls. To further camouflage the moisture sheen, use high gloss paint and be sure for health concerns it is mildew-resistant.
Best Colors for Dark Rooms: Darker rooms are typically so because of the little natural light they get. If your desire is to add brightness, consider the use of yellows. Pale yellows attract those that want it keep more subtle, but still add a dash of brightness where the bright yellows are bolder.

Neutral Paint Color Overview

Below is a paint color overview of the basic concepts.
Neutral Paint Colors – Easily incorporated with any color, neutrals are a safe choice whether you opt for cool or warm undertones into your color scheme.
White Paint Shades – A clean look is easily accomplished with a fresh coat of crisp white paint.
Tan Paint Colors – A color that can never be wrong is tan. Tans are timeless color that coordinates seamlessly with most stained and painted woodwork, whether you use warm beiges or a cool taupe.
Grey Paint Colors – Taking over in the last decade, a popular trend that is expected to last for years is the modern classy gray. With a sleek, contemporary beauty the grays are easily paired with a variety of colors no matter their undertones.

Warm, Cozy Paint Colors

Whether you are attracted to the rich colors of autumn, the playful bright colors, or soft pastels; warm tones are welcoming and inviting.
Orange – Orange is a very vibrant color. No matter if it is a light soft orange or a dark bold orange. A deep coral, burnt orange, or even pale or pastel oranges are a great expression of the rustic, yet modern projection of romance.
Red – Primarily speaking, red often represents passion. When it comes to red people either love it or hate it when it is used to color interior walls, accent trims, or even accessories. Red is a dramatic statement that can be used exceptionally well when applied correctly.
Yellow – When looking for a light, friendly feel, ranges of yellow are a perfect pick.

Cool Coastal Paint Colors

Soft cool colors can be ideally utilized to create your own oasis, where the dark cool colors are a bold statement that enriches many color schemes. Cool tones are primarily used to induce calm feelings and no matter if you are partial to the light or dark cool color family, they complement the rich warmth of most wood tones and trim.
Blue – For those that are landlocked but crave the peaceful calmness of the water, the various blue shades can help you achieve your goals.
Green – Greens are an exceptional option for those looking to capture the essence of the outdoor meadows inside. Blending in easily with both modern and traditional designs, combining the warm and cool undertones create an inviting atmosphere.
Purple – A growing trend, lavender is frequently paired with pale yellows for those that favor relaxing garden in your home; as well as any shade of gray.

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We hope this helps you get you started on your project, but no matter if you are looking to paint one room or your whole house, inside and out; L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc is readily available to get your project done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today!

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