Painted Accent Wall Ideas & Color Combinations in East Hampton, NY; Tips for How to Choose

There are quite a few people who know that an accent wall is a great way to break up some of the interior painting in the room. Where painting the trim work can help do the same, having an accent wall truly makes a difference in a room. The problem is that many are at a loss as to how to pick the right wall for the accent. Where there are actually several considerations to choosing an accent wall and how to go about it, just remember you need to think about the overall picture; including the colors, flooring, ceiling, decorating, and so on. We at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like expound on the accent wall to help you choose the right wall and consider the color options.

Paint All Walls in the Room

The biggest issue when painting the accent wall is that you don’t only want to paint the accent wall in the various rooms of your home. As you live in your home, whether you notice it or not, the home has wear and tear, that includes the walls and paint. Even if you ultimately love the color of the current walls but you just want to add flare, having freshly painted walls throughout the home will make the home look unfinished. Unless the home is brand new, you will want to paint the all the walls, even it is just to add a fresh coat over the worn color.

How to Choose an Accent Wall

When selecting the accent walls, consider the selecting a wall for one of specific reasons:
1) You have a symmetrical wall.
2) You want to highlight and architectural detail, such as a fireplace, an art niche, or customized molding. The idea of an accent wall is to steal the focus or initial attention, and point it at the accent wall, as it stands out. Painting an otherwise ordinary wall would make people wonder what they are looking at, these walls should not be the accent wall.

Accent Color Chart

Not only do you need to select the right wall, but you need the right color. Selecting an accent color is optimally done by choosing a color that is already within the space. Remember you want the color to be a part of the color scheme, not clash with it. Look at the colors in art, area rugs, drapes, bedding, or another décor. A color in another part of the home, tying it all together is also an idea as well. For instance, say the living room and dining room are primarily painting in a light, neutral gray color and the family room is painted in a soft cream or pale-yellow color. Using the light gray color from the living and dining room as an accent color in the family room is an idea. A common mistake is that people will make the accent wall 2-3 shades darker that the rest of the walls. Due to shading, lighting, and texture, more often than not, the accent wall is barely noticeable. If you want an accent wall, go big.

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Accent walls can be tricky, but when done right, they can bring interest, dynamics, and fun into your living space. If you do not have a wall that is a good candidate for your accent wall, consider transforming the ceiling into the accent piece. The ceiling can be accessorized with molding and be a separate color than the traditional white to bring some real excitement and unique aesthetics to the room. If you are looking to get your home painted and need help with an accent wall, call in the professionals of L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc and let our specialists help you make your interior painting exceptional.

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