Painting with Dark Colors Without Streaks on Room Walls in Your Sag Harbor, NY House

Using dark paint colors is often shunned when painting an interior wall, but there is an element to using dark paint that is undeniably attractive to many people.  Darks can be dramatic, bold, and gorgeous.  But the wrong applications can make the inside gloomy, unwelcoming, and dreary, which is something most people want to avoid, especially when the winters can bring on the same affects outdoors.  The good news is that you can paint your home’s walls with darks, even black, and still have the overall presentation look cheery, sophisticated, and beautiful.  With this in mind, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to offer some tips on how your interior can be attractively painted dark.

Avoid Too Much Saturation

Do not select dark colors to immerse a room.  Instead choose your dark color for a specific element, such as the trim work or accent wall.  This will avoid being overwhelmed by dark, give you a chance to get comfortable with dark colors, and help you find an overall balance with the dark colors and light colors.

Incorporate Bright Colors into Palette

Should you prefer to have the primary wall color be dark, add pops of bright color.   You can do so with the accent wall or trim work, but it is not limited to the walls. Add your bursts of bright colors with artwork, furniture, and other accessories to the room.  A bright rug can also reduce the darkness of the preferred color that you want to primarily use. 

Natural Lighting Strategies 

In any room, you want a well-lit area, and in dark rooms especially.   A room that features a large window, or French doors can be a great location for the dark colors. If you absolutely want dark colors in a room, you can install additional lighting to illuminate the space and mirrors also help add more lighting without the electrical hassles. 

Painting Walls Contrasting Colors

Dark colors are a fun and expressive option to paint your home.   With dark colors being so versatile, most colors are compatible with other colors.  Darks are particularly stunning with contrast.   Pairing dark blues, grays or even black with whites, beige’s, or cream colors is especially eye-catching.   Darks in tandem with pastels is also an exciting and playful way to balance your darker tones with the lighter palettes.  Furniture, flooring, and accessories are also useful when achieving and overall look for your New York home.   A good guideline is to select 3-5 colors for the design; the primary color, trim work, accent wall, and maybe a color or two for the flooring, furnishings and accessories.    Too much color will chaotic, but too few can be boring. 

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