Pastel Paint Palette Theory; Pairing with Neutral Color Schemes in Quogue, NY

There are endless options when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your New York home.  From lights and darks, to neutrals, cools, and warms.   With so many to choose from, people can be overwhelmed with the selection.   Experts recommend choosing three colors for your color scheme; the primary color, the secondary color for the trim work, and the third color for the accent wall or ceiling.   Where some people feel comfortable working with a neutral palette, more and more people are using more color in their home.   The problem with using dark colors, if not done properly, is that it can make a room feel smaller and confined, but light colors sometimes feel limited to white.  This is not the case as pastels are making their way as a popular trend.  Today, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to take the opportunity to share the power of pastels.

Pastel Paint Colors Can Be Masculine & Feminine

As pastels make their comeback, they are being used in creative varieties and throughout many applications.   Even commercial spaces are adopting the beauty of pastels.   Unfortunately, too many are holding to the unfair stereotype that pastels are only used for dyeing Easter eggs or for little girl bedrooms at best.   Where pastels do work wonders in these instances, pastels can be so much more as they have re-emerged in well-balanced and stunning applications.  Such examples include giving a room a splash of color, brighten the room, or even make a space airier and calming.  Blues and pinks are not the limitations of pastels and with offering more depth and substance, pastels are far more vibrant and usable than what people think.   Most men are apprehensive about using pastels in their home because of the common misconception of its femininity.  However, pastel grays can be just as masculine. 

How to Paint with Pastels

An optimal choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, pastels tend to have a soothing effect on people. Experts recommend that you should finalize your choice by selecting the shade lighter than your original choice once you have selected the pastel color for your walls. The reason being is that once pastels are spread across the surface, they are especially intensified. Glaze the top with clear, especially if the room is smaller, to add more depth. 

Pairing Pastel Paint Colors with Neutrals

For those that are drawn to the pale beige and cream colors, but still want some more color, pastels are for you.   The way pastels can be used, especially in combination with the pale neutrals you are attracted to, are beyond gorgeous.  For example, you can paint the primary color with a subtle beige or cream and use a pastel with the accent trim work or wall, or even vice versa if you want more color.  Blacks, grays, and whites are particularly complementary with pastels. Do not limit your creativity and use pastels in any room for a more customized and unique style.  These pale colors easily pair with other pastels as well as a graceful distinction against bold or vivid colors.  Pastels are also useful for those married to neutrals who want to experiment with more colors.  Pastel colors can be incorporated in any room, and into any décor.  

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