Preparation & Interior Painting Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Beginner Painters in Shelter Island, NY

Spring is often the time of renewal, where many families tackle the spring cleaning, landscaping yard maintenance and other home improvements. After the spring cleaning is done, giving your home a little face lift can help break away from the mundane. Giving a room or multiple rooms a new paint job could be the most efficient way to complete your goals. L.W. Winslow Painting would like to share some tips and advice for when you conduct the interior painting job yourself.

Interior Painting Tips & Tricks for Beginner Painters

1) Clean Walls & Ceiling. A common neglected step, many people are excited to start the project and open up the paint can and dive right in without any prep work. Ceilings and walls collect dust and cob webs. To ensure they don’t mar your paint work, removing them is essential. With a feather duster, remove the first layer of dust and catch the cob webs. After you have done this, take a dampened cloth and wipe away any lingering dust and spots. Any stubborn spots or stains can be removed by making a solution of warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Apply your mixture and wash the stains and spots, rinse the residues with water and sponge, and don’t forget to completely dry before starting the painting. Additionally, now is a good time to fill holes with putty, and ensure they are scraped and sanded down evenly with the wall surface.
2) Tape Off Surfaces Not to Be Painted. Tape off the baseboards, window frames, door frames and anything else you want to better protect from the new paint. This will help avoid mistakes.
3) Stay Clear of the Ceiling. Most ceilings are a different color than the walls, if this applies, tape off the walls, and trim work the ceiling, brushing out approximately 2 1/2 inches; to prevent a hard line, alternate rolling the paint and trim work. Paint the width as opposed to the length of the ceiling.
4) Trim Work. Begin in the corner of your choice. Using your trim brush, paint about 2 1/2 inches out following the corners along with the baseboard up, and if the ceiling is going to be a different color, trim out from the ceiling downward. Using a roller to do the trim work will not create any hard lines of trim work from rolling paint. Use the same technique to trim and roll paint around all the edges from windows, corners and doors.
5) Paint Technique. To fill in without lifting the roller for excellent coverage, paint the remaining walls in “W” patterns and then continue until the walls are completely painted, be sure to allow adequate time to dry. Apply a second coat using the same method for crisp coverage.

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