Should the Ceiling Paint Always Be White or Sale Color as Walls in Amagansett, NY?

Ceilings are traditionally painted white.  However, there is no rule that they have to stay white.  When selecting paint colors, ceilings are a room’s fifth wall and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Today, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to offer suggestions for painting the ceiling something other than white.

Is it a Good Idea to Paint the Ceiling the Same Color as the Walls?

Painting your walls and trim the same color is a popular trend in home design, and this applies to the ceiling.  You can create a monochromatic look that’s beautiful and interesting using just one color in a room.  Before you do this, there are a few things to consider. Painting the walls and ceilings one color is ideally best in the following types of rooms:

– Large Rooms: You have the flexibility of choosing light or dark paint colors I you’re working with a larger space.  To create a monochromatic and seamless space, paint walls, trim, and ceilings all one color. It can be beautiful and add a lot of creative interest to a room, though it is not for everyone.  You open up the sense of space in the room by eliminating the color interruptions between differing colors. 

– Small Rooms: Just like with a large room, using one color throughout a small room blurs the wall and ceiling lines and provide a sense of space or intimacy.  There are no color interruptions.  Go with a darker color if you want the room to feel more intimate.  Use a lighter color if you want a sense of more space. 

– Unique Ceilings: Painting the ceiling the same color as your walls can help you define the space if you have a unique ceiling, like a cathedral or angled ceiling.  This de-emphasizes the angle or shape. Create a cozier feeling by painting a very tall ceiling a darker color than the walls help bring it “down” closer to the floor, for example. Paint it anything other than white and avoid the same shade of the walls if you want to highlight the ceiling, however.

Should You Paint Your Ceiling Lighter than Your Walls?

Using the same color as your walls in a lighter shade can be used to paint the ceilings.  While adding interest, this will provide the sense of height between the floor and the ceiling. Use at least two to three shades lighter than the wall color to establish this.  Using a lighter version of it on the ceiling helps avoid the sharp contrast between a dark wall and a white ceiling if you’re using a dark wall color. 

What Does a Darker Ceiling Do to a Room?

Painting your ceiling a darker color than the walls is another option.  In a room where you have very high ceilings and feel like the room needs a bit of “grounding” is a good reason to use this technique.  Make the room cozier by painting the ceiling dark will give the sense of lowering the ceiling.  Be sure to avoid a very dark ceiling with very light-colored walls. It will be visually jarring with this contrast. Consider a shade that’s no more than three to four shades darker than the wall instead.  There are exceptions to this guideline though.  For instance, a good place to go rogue is in small rooms like a powder room or small study.  The ceiling can be the focal point of the room by painting your ceiling much darker than the walls. 

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The ceiling can also be painted the same color as the accent trim or even a completely different color and used as focal point.   No matter what you decide to paint the home, from the walls to he ceiling, call L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. and let us ensure the painting project is executed with quality and precision.

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