Tips for Painting with Dark Colors on Walls in Amagansett, NY; Best Paint Finish & More

You will often be told to never, ever use dark colored paint inside your home. That dark colors will make the home look darker and feel cramped. Or that dark colors are not inviting and comfortable. For those who were told to never use dark colored paint in the home, we are here to tell you that you can use dark colors. Dark colored paints can indeed, be used in the home. However, its knowing how to use dark colors that is the key. Dark colors can create an elegant and clean look in the home and shouldn’t be avoided. For those who want to use darker paint in the home, but are too shy to try it, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. will share a few tips on how to use dark colors tastefully and properly in your home. 

How to Make Dark Walls Work

Knowing when and where to use dark colors is key to creating a great look and feel in the home. In many situations, you may want to avoid using darker colors as it can make an area very dark and uncomfortable. In smaller rooms and other areas around the home, you may not want to paint the entire room dark but instead use a dark colored accent wall. A dark colored accent wall can actually create a feeling of depth, making a small space feel bigger. In larger spaces with lots of windows, darker colors work well. However, you will want to lighten the area up with light colored furniture and other accents. Too much dark even in large spaces should still be avoided. Another great way to use dark colors is to use half walls combined with great trim work. Light colored trim and paneling with a dark color paint looks great as well as elegant.

Best Paint Finish for Dark Color Walls

When using dark colored paint, the type of finish can make all the difference in the world. When using dark colored paint consider using either a matte or semi-gloss finish. Dark colors can reveal flaws on the walls. Using a semi-gloss or matte finish can help hide imperfections and help make the space look cleaner. Avoid a gloss finish as it can make the dark colors look too shiny. Too flat of a finish will reveal imperfections and make the area look more like a warehouse. If you want a softer and less glossy look to the wall, satin is another recommended finish. However, satin is not great for high traffic areas.

Right Decor in Rooms with Dark Accent Wall 

As previously mentioned, using the right décor can help create a more relaxed and comfortable feel in areas with darker colors. If you decide to paint with darker colors, lighten the environment up with your décor. The décor can help offset the darkness of the walls. Use light colored furniture, picture frames and other decorations to invite warmth to the area. Use lights or natural light whenever possible as well. You will need to bring in a lot of light at night to prevent the area from feeling too dark. Tables or standing lamps are great lighting options or even a fish tank. Bring in as much light and light color elements in rooms or spaces that are painted with dark colors and you will find your home will feel great. 

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Do not be afraid to use dark colors in your home. When undergoing major painting inside or outside your home or business, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc!

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