Trending Interior Paint Decorating Colors for 2022 in Shinnecock Hills, NY

With a new year in full swing people are all about getting up to date with the latest and greatest trends. One of the trends that people are interested in is interior paint colors. There are always going to be colors that will stand the test of time and if you want to play it safe you can use. One of them is any version of a tan or light brown color. These are very neutral and will go with almost any décor. You can also do a plain white wall which is hard to keep clean but is a safe and very soothing color to have on the walls. There are always interior colors that come out on top at the start of each year and they make a huge impact. Having the interior of your home repainted to keep up with a trend is an easy way to stay current. The cost to repaint is not substantial so it is a great idea for many budgets. Now you need to know what the colors are that are standing out for the 2022 year. There are some all-time favorites and few newer options that may surprise you. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. lists some of the trending interior paint color options for your home this year.

Dusky Blue Paint Color

If you want to go with a top pick this year a nice dusky blue is the way to go. Many people will use blue as a calming color and your home should be a calming place. Most people want to come home and unwind and enjoy the space so blue is ideal. Blue is a great option and should not scare you away. You can match other colors with your blue walls like tans, browns, white and even grey. That means that you have a wide variety of decorating options.

Soft Green Paint Colors

When we say green we don’t mean a Crayola green but a lighter softer green. This type of a green mimics the outdoors and the plants that you find naturally in the outdoors. If you want some drama in your space a green room is the way to go. The green is a great main color and accenting it with white or orange wood is a wonderful addition.

Mineral Gray Paint Color

The color gray has been on the rise in color choices for a few years. More and more people want gray stained wood floors, grey countertops and even grey décor so it is not surprising that grey is on the list of top colors for 2017. The great thing is that gray has evolved from a light grey that is not so dramatic to a deeper mineral grey that is great especially on a wall that has texture. It adds some sophistication to any room.

Powder Blue Shade

We talked about blue already but a darker dusky blue is in no way the same a light powdery blue. The powder blue that is on the rise is a very light blue that is great in any room. It adds lightness and calmness to a room while bringing the outdoors in. The light color is a throwback to a later time but is quickly coming back into style.

Earthy Yellow Paint Color

A big bright yellow is a little too much for most people to slap on the wall but dusty yellow is a great option. The yellow is still great even though it has a dustier and powdery feel. It is not so aggressive and is a great pair to go with another trend like flowers and large prints on walls and accent walls.

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