What are the Best Paint Colors for Baby & Kid Rooms in Montauk, NY?

Sleep is a rarity when you are talking about a brand new baby. When deciding which color to use in your nursery, many parents want colors that will help a baby feel calm and sleep well. There is much more that goes into choosing colors for your baby’s nursery than picking your favorite color. Colors have a direct effect on moods and behaviors, so it’s no wonder parents find it a challenge to pick just the right colors for the room in which their baby will be sleeping. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. is here to share some tips and considerations for parents trying to decide which colors are best for a nursery.

How Do Paint Colors Affect Size of Room?

Before you make any decisions on the color for your nursery, you should consider the room you are working with. The size of a room plays a big role in what color you should paint the room. IF you are dealing with a small room, it is important to consider the different ways color can change the look of the space. Dark colors often absorb light and make a room look much smaller than it is. Cool and lighter colors have the exact opposite effect, and make a room look bigger than it really is.

Think About Future when Choosing Colors for Kids Rooms

It’s no secret that babies don’t keep. When choosing the right color for your baby’s room, keep in mind that your little one won’t be little forever. Try to think a little further down the road, and visualize your child using this room long term. Pick colors and themes that can grow with your child and not leave you completely changing it in just one or two years.

What Paint Color is the Most Calming Effect?

Colors have been shown to have a direct effect on mood and behaviors, this includes children. You will want the right balance of soothing and relaxing, with inspiring and stimulating.

Blue – Soft shades of blue have been proven to relax and calm. Replacing anxiety and aggression with relaxation and preparation for sleep.

Green – Green has been found to help with relaxation and concentration. This doesn’t include dark shades of green, you should choose light or medium shades of green.

Purple – Purple has strong ties to royalty, but if you are wanting a calming shade, stick with lighter purples like lavender.

Pink – Pink is known for creating a feeling of compassion and love. Light shades of pink make a very peaceful space for your baby. You can overdo pink though; it shouldn’t be the only color in your nursery. It is one color that can be too much if overused.

Neutral Tones – Neutral Tones like greys, tans, and whites are all wonderful choices for a peaceful and beautiful nursery. They have been proven to help prepare your baby for rest, and can make your room feel spacious in the process.

Go Bold with Accents

If you love bright, bold colors, a great place to implement them is in the accents. Bold colors are much less overwhelming if found in a pillow or lamp rather than an entire wall. Bring pops of color into the room through fun accent pieces.

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It is such a special time in your life as you prepare for the arrival of your little one. You want all details to be perfect. L.W Winslow Painting, Inc. can help you pick the perfect colors for your baby’s nursery. Call L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. today and let them create the space you imagine for your little one.

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