What Color & Finish Paint is Best for Bathrooms in Shelter Island, NY?

Your bathroom can be a relaxing retreat. If yours isn’t feeling that way, you can change it. Remodeling the whole bathroom can cost a lot of money. All you need is paint! Consider the style and atmosphere you want to create along with the size and space too. Some great color combinations can create the look you want. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. offers some helpful tips below.

How Do I Choose the Right Paint Color for My Bathroom?

Using lighter colors can open up a smaller space while darker colors can add intimacy and the right color combinations can create a feeling of relaxation. There are ways to use paint effectively to provide a perfect space to wind down after a long day. Use shades of green to provide feelings of the outdoors. Adding white and touches of wood can make the shade of green you choose pop. If you’re an outdoor lover, then green might be the color for you. Blue shades can also provide feelings of nature as some shades can be reminiscent of the sky with cream-colored accents. There are other options besides nature-themes. Your bathroom can be transformed into a relaxing environment with a shade of lavender that can feel feminine without being too girly and gray is very popular right now. With so many shades to choose from, gray makes a space feel sophisticated and relaxing.

What is the Importance of Paint Prep?

  1. Paint finish. Finishes in the bathroom should be satin or semi-gloss as these finishes are easiest to clean and are formulated to stand up great to stains. Semi-gloss paint reflects light, imperfections can be highlighted and the finish can become dull when scrubbed. If you see lots of scrubbing in the future, then you might want to go with satin finish instead.
  2. Mildew resistant paints. Bathrooms are exposed to moisture and high humidity and take a lot of abuse with the constant steam from showers and baths. Humidity levels are always fluctuating so make sure your paint can stand up to the challenge.
  3. Wash the walls. Mildew is present whether you see it or not and will bleed through the new paint or prevent it from adhering correctly. Use a solution of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water and a sponge, rinse well with clean water and make sure the walls are totally dry before you paint.
  4. Use self-priming paint. This means you don’t have to apply separate coats of primer and paint!
  5. Paint prep work. Bathrooms are full of nooks and crannies, making them harder to paint. Use painters tape around any edges to areas you don’t want paint. Sash brushes have a tapered tip and are better to use than a flat brush, easier to control too.
  6. Apply and let it dry. Bathrooms need to be given 24 hours to dry before using the shower, regardless of what the manufacturer claims. Less than that and you may have paint that becomes soft and runs. Your goal is to have an even sheen without signs of overlap or shadows on the finished walls.

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