What Color Scheme is Suitable for a Nursery in Bridgehampton, NY?

Choosing the color of your child’s first room can be hard and studies have shown that there’s a relationship between color and psychology. There is a lot of evidence that shows how color has an effect on adults but not so much about the effect on infants. Different colors can affect us in different ways and there are some colors that seem to have the same effect on all of us. It will take a while before your baby can perceive color correctly but the day will come when they can. This is something to consider when you decide what color to paint their nursery.

How Does Nursery Color Affect a Baby?

  • Red. Red is a color that should be used in moderation in a nursery. It can raise pulse rates and cause blood pressure to rise. Too much red might have you thinking of The Shining instead of your precious baby.
  • Orange. Orange is a friendly color that is welcoming and comfortable. For a cozy feel, go with a darker orange and go brighter for a modern feel. People that like the color orange are known to be fun loving and social.
  • Yellow. Yellow can promote concentration and might be the reason that smart people like the color. People with a sunny disposition like the color yellow. Research has shown that babies tend to cry for longer and more often in yellow rooms. This might be because of the shade chosen so think subtle yellow over a shade that is too bright.
  • Blue. Blue can be great in warmer climates as it’s a cooling color but can be used in any climate. Pair blue with white and it can be a reminder of the ocean. Go with warm blues rather than bright ones in a nursery.
  • Green. Green can promote a calm feeling and is used a lot in learning environments. Calm feelings can help with thinking and concertation and green can be a good option because it is so plentiful in nature.
  • Purple. Purple has been associated with royalty in the past and today and there are lots of shades to choose from. Lavenders and lilacs can promote calmness and serenity and can still feel luxurious. You may have a hard time convincing hubby with purple though because men seem to be hard-wired to hate purple.
  • Pink. Pink is the go to girly color. You might be surprised to know that pink is another color that can be calming. Children who are prone to through tantrums might benefit from a pink room. Pink is a color that is used to ease those who suffer from headache disorders.
  • Gray. Even though gray seems to be all the rage today it can actually promote feelings of sadness or loneliness. On the other hand, it can inspire contemplation and creativity. Use gray in a nursery by pairing it with warm tones like yellow or bright colors like hot pink.
  • White. We all know that white is pure, clean and innocent just like your precious baby! White is also timeless with the ability to add splashes of color. Just remember that white comes with extra work to keep it white.

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