What Does it Mean to Box Paint? Boxing Paint for Color Consistency in Bridgehampton, NY

When you are ready to paint your home either inside or out, it is a large task to take on. The paint that is on the walls is the canvas for the rest of the house and what it will end up looking like. That is why it is so important to make good choices about what color paint you choose and how it is applied. The right color is only a smart part of getting an outcome that you are happy with. The kind of paint and the quality behind it is important to the finished product. You also want to be happy with the sheen that you choose such as flat, eggshell or gloss to name a few. The other aspects have a lot to do with the surface you are going to be painting. It is necessary to go through the house and make any repairs to the walls before you start the project. This might be a hole from an angry teenager or nail holes from décor that was hung prior. Whatever it is, the best way to get a smooth finish is to repair these drywall blunders in advance. You also need to tape off the areas that will not be painted and lay out drop cloths to protect the other surfaces such as carpet and hardwood. Now that you have done all of this it seems that your paint should go on smooth. But there is another problem that occurs that you want to prevent. And it has to be done before you start the project.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc Explains What Paint Boxing Is & Why it is Important

How to Box Paint: The name might make you wonder what it could be all about but it really makes more sense when explained. When you go to buy some paint from the store and you are ready to start a job this is where the boxing comes into play. The paint that is in each can is supposed to be the same in color. If you take a sample out of each and line them up on a wall you may notice a small difference between them. That is why you need to box the paint which will require you getting a larger bucket. You want to get a five gallon bucket that has a secure lid. Then take each paint can that you have for that particular job that is the same color and add them to the bucket. The paint then needs to be mixed together. This will ensure that all the paint that is used is a perfect match and there will be a uniform finish.
Benefits of Boxing Paint: The reason you want to box your paint is to keep the finish smooth and uniform. If you switch from one single can to the next in the middle of a wall many people will notice that there is a shade variation. Even if it is slight the result is still noticeable. When you box the paint you are preventing this from occurring right off the bat. It also comes in handy when you need to go back and touch up any damage to that particular wall. You don’t need to worry about what paint can you did that wall with because it will all be a cohesive mix.

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