What Does the Color of Your Walls Tell About Your Personality in North Haven, NY?

People choose their wall color based on what will match best with the furniture they have or are going to buy. No one stops to think how what that paint color will say about their personality. There is a lot of science that talks about what people feel about a color when they see it. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. has a breakdown about what your color might say about you.

Warm Peach, Pink, Orange & Yellow Paint Colors

These types of colors fall in the soft and warm hues. They are inviting and represent the feel you get from the sun or a nice fireplace. People that go with these types of colors are usually very nurturing and very friendly. The room is inviting and these people using love to have guests over to enjoy their space with them. Most people get a nice warm and fuzzy feeling by spending time in rooms with these colors. Some of the colors can get bold and it is best to pair with more neutral tones when decorating.

Cool Blue, Lavender & Green Color Palette

These colors fall in the soft and cool hues. These colors are paired with nature and represent things like the sky, plants and flowers. The color are very tranquil and have a calm and soothing effect on the people that are around. You are probably the same when it comes to personality. People that choose these feel like their home is an oasis and is a calming place to get away from a hectic world.

Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire Jewel Paint Colors

These colors are very bold and fall in the Jewel tones. These colors add some major color and vibrancy to the room. If you were to wear these colors and walk through a cloud you would stand out. The same goes for your home. The vibrant and fun feel will reflect your bold personality. These colors are for people who want to feel inspired in their environment. These colors add some great texture to a room that is otherwise bland and boring.

Popular Gray, Brown & Cream Colors

These are all part of the neutral family of colors. The colors that are in this group are very even keel and super neutral. Your personality will probably match the calm and easy going. These colors are part of a trade secret because they are easy to decorate around. You can add color and spice to a room with accents and the best part is you can change it all up with no change to the wall color.

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