What Paint Finish is Best for the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Living Room Walls & Ceilings in your Montauk New York Home?

When you are ready to add a color of paint to your home there are many things to consider. You get to incorporate a color scheme that you want, but you also need to choose a paint finish. The first thing that you need to look into when you are ready to paint your home is what rooms you want done. Then you get to decide on colors. The great thing is that you really can’t go wrong when you hire a professional and make a plan about what color scheme you want. You can go with a very traditional monotone color or you can get a little more excited and choose a more vibrant color scheme. After you have chosen a color scheme you still have to decide on a finish.

There are several paint finish options and LW Winslow Painting has broken them down for you to help you decide:

Flat Paint Finish: This is a paint finish that has no shine to it at all like the name suggests. The color will come out flat which can also be considered matte. The paint is usually a latex based paint and can be used on walls, ceilings and exterior. The best place for it is when it is used on siding and has a texture added to it. It is able to stand up to weather better than other paint finishes. The problem with it as an interior wall color is that it is hard to keep clean. If you have kids that walk by the wall and touch it or toddlers that may color on the wall, this is not a good choice for you. This type of paint can take on other dirt and messes and can be very hard to remove with your standard cleaning options.

Eggshell Paint Finish: This is a step up from the flat paint and has a small amount of shine to it. Not all paints offer the same amount of shine. It depends on who manufactured the actual paint itself. This option is better when you want to be able to clean the painted surfaces easier. The finish is great on wood surfaces and any interior wall. These walls can be cleaned with most standard wall cleaning options.

Gloss Paint Finish: If you want a paint finish that is easy to clean and will stand up to wear and tear, a gloss finish is right for you. Gloss has a much higher shine than eggshell but it still looks great in any home. It is used on walls, ceilings and baseboards when homeowners want an easy to clean and care for paint finish. The goods thing is that you can use this finish for interior and exterior paint applications.

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