What Temperature is it Too Hot or Cold to Paint in Noyack, NY? Painting when Windy, Sunny, Raining & More

If you are looking for a way to give your home new life, a fresh coat of exterior paint is exactly what you need. There are few things that will have the same dramatic effect on your home like new paint. It is important that you paint under the right conditions though, or your paint won’t turn out nearly as well as it should. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc is here to talk about some weather conditions that you shouldn’t attempt painting in so that you get the results you are after.

What Happens when You Paint when it’s Too Cold?

It is important that you don’t try to paint the outside of your home in weather that is too cold. If it is colder than 50 degrees, you should wait for another day. There are a number of problems that can occur when you attempt painting in weather that is too cold. Some of the issues include:

  • Paint that doesn’t dry properly.
  • When the paint isn’t drying as it should, the paint is much more likely to collect debris like insects, dirt and more.
  • You won’t be able to apply several coats without running into issues like bubbling and blistering.
  • There will be uneven coats that have issues like streaking and cracking and the paint will begin to separate.

Don’t Paint a Wet Surface

Another weather problem people run into is rain. You simply can’t paint a surface that isn’t completely dry without running into issues. As you prep the surface to paint, you will need to clean it thoroughly, but you need to make sure that the surface has ample time to dry without any rain to delay the process. Painting on a wet surface can give you a spotty surface or even lead to mold issues that can cause serious damage to your home.

Avoid Painting in the Heat

Just like when the weather is too cold, you can run into problems when the weather is too hot as well. Direct sun can make it difficult to get a great finish on your exterior paint. The paint will dry too fast and you won’t get those sought after results. You should avoid painting when the temperature is higher than 90 degrees. Another thing to avoid is painting in direct sunlight. You will not be able to avoid the paint drying much too quickly. Painting in strong winds isn’t ideal either as too much debris will blow into your wet paint.

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A minimum ambient and surface temperature of 50 degrees is required for latex paint when painting outdoors. For solvent or oil-based paints, the ambient and surface temperatures must rise above 45 degrees F, for a minimum of 48 hours. As you can see, exterior painting requires nearly perfect conditions. One of the biggest problems with DIY exterior painting is knowing when and when not to paint. At L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc, we will take the guessing game out of your painting project. Our team of experts will have the outside of your home painted in no time and deliver superior painting results. Call us today!

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