Which is Better, Staining or Painting a Wood Deck in Noyack, NY?

An outdoor deck is a great way to entertain and enjoy being outside. Your deck is an extension of your home that can add curb appeal, value and living space. Decks require maintenance though. Wood decks that are neglected will look bad, as they absorb moisture. When wood decks are left unprotected, they will also start to crack, warp and twist. The sun will also affect a wood deck by discoloring it and it will also break down the wood’s lignin, which is the natural glue that holds the fibers together. Painted decks will eventually need to be repainted. Another option is to strip the paint and stain it. A stained deck will only last for a few years, so homeowners will need to decide whether painting or staining is the right option.

Should I Paint or Stain My Deck?

Neither option will last forever and there are pros and cons with both. Paint will last longer, and color options are limitless. Paint provides a uniform look and helps hide flaws but masks the details of the wood. Paint will also trap more moisture and over time will start to peel and crack. Stain offers great protection from outdoor elements and can enhance the natural beauty of wood. There are fewer color options when staining a deck. Staining won’t last as long but quality stains will penetrate the wood grain and prevent moisture from seeping it. Stain is less slippery than paint, but it won’t fill in cracks and hide flaws.

Professional Deck Painting Expectations

  • The deck will be prepped. Mold deterrent should be applied. The deck will be cleaned, rinsed and dried. Repairs need to be made and old paint will be stripped off if necessary.
  • The wood will be preserved. A water repellent preservative will be applied.
  • Surfaces are primed. To improve adhesion and protect from moisture.
  • Paint options are discussed. Oil-based paints will last longer. They are shinier but are better protection against moisture. Latex paints aren’t as tough but do better in areas with high temperatures. They also come in different sheens if you don’t want the shiny look.
  • All surfaces are painted. Even surfaces that are not directly exposed to sunlight and other outdoor elements. Two coats should be applied.

What to Expect with Professional Deck Staining

  • Go over options. The stain color needs to be tested to see how it will make a wood deck look.
  • Prepare the deck. Properly cleaned and possibly stripped if it’s an older deck.
  • Properly rinse the deck. It’s an important step after stripping because if any chemicals are left on the wood, they can break down the stain over time. A wood brightener should also be used to restore the appearance or weathered wood.
  • Prime and stain the deck. High-quality stain should be used for optimal results.

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Paint and stain can both increase the life of a wooden deck and there are pros and cons to both. If you’re unsure, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. to help you determine which option is best. We have experienced painters to make your deck look great again! Give us a call today.

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