Why is it Important to Use Good Quality Exterior Paint in East Hampton, NY?

Updating the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint can add value, increase curb appeal, and preserve your siding, providing you select a paint that can resist mold and moisture and withstand the elements. The experts At L.W Winslow Painting, Inc. recommend investing in a good quality paint that can make a long-lasting impression and a significant impact on the exterior of your home.

Difference Between Interior & Exterior Paint?

Each type of paint is formulated differently depending on its particular use. Interior paint is formulated to resist staining and can be cleaned using a mixture of mild soap and water. Exterior paint, on the other hand, is specially formulated to resist fading and mildew. All paints combine pigments, additives, resins, and solvents to create the final product regardless of use. A solvent is a component that keeps the paint wet, and pigments give the paint its color. The number of additives and resins differ depending on what the paint is used for, i.e., interior or exterior. The fundamental difference between interior and exterior paint is the resin because exterior paint is constantly at the mercy of the weather. A specific resin type is used in exterior paint to resist fading, peeling, chipping, mold, and mildew.

Why is it Important to Use Good Quality Exterior Paint?

There is nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. Paint quality can make or break your project. The quality of paint you elect to apply matters because it’s an investment that will offer protection and add value. Think of quality paint as a shield to protect your home’s exterior from dirt, debris, fungus, and pests. High-quality paint can prevent wood rot and preserve the integrity of your siding. A newly painted home surface speaks volumes regarding how others perceive the property. Even older homes can benefit from a fresh coat of paint in an updated color palette. Quality paint is also much more cost-effective as it lasts longer and preserves the surfaces longer than cheaper subpar exterior paint brands.

How Do You Know if Paint is Good Quality?

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the exterior of your house shine from the effect of quality exterior paint in the shade and finish you adore. One of the primary purposes of exterior paint is to protect your home from the elements; applying high-quality paint will ensure that your home will achieve a surface that will retain a color that will not fade or chip for many years. The experts at  L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc have provided the following tips on what to look for in quality paint.

  1. The volume of solids is the pigments and binders found in paint. Higher-quality paints contain a higher percentage of solids and a lower percentage of solvents. Paints with a high rate of solvents are typically thinner and much less durable. Think about it this way; thinner paint means multiple applications. Your budget-conscious decision could double your initial costs.
  2. For the best coverage, look for paints containing titanium dioxide. L.W. Winslow Painting Inc experts recommend paint containing 20 to 25% titanium dioxide. You will achieve stellar results with fewer applications, and the pigment is also highly reflective, offering protection from UV rays. The best quality paints on the market have a higher concentration of titanium dioxide and are worth the investment. To avoid disappointing results, steer clear of paints containing vinyl acrylic

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