Why is the Paint Cracking on My Wall in Quogue, NY? Poor Prep, Painting Adhesion Problems & More

Cracking paint is a common problem that can occur on old or even new coats of paint. Cracking paint can occur for a number of different reasons. Even so, some can be prevented. Cracked paint can make the surface, whether it be a cabinet, wall or ceiling, look terrible. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to focus on the reasons why paint cracks and how to prevent or correct the problem.

Poor Paint Preparation

Often a fresh coat of paint will develop cracks when the surface was poorly prepared. Depending on the nature of the surface that is being painted, know that some surfaces require different types of preparation. Wooden surfaces need to be clean, which means old paint or stain needs to be sanded down and the dust cleaned off before painting. Other surfaces may need to be washed off or wiped down to remove dust and other particles that can prevent the paint from adhering to the surface properly. Other surfaces may require the need to be primed before it is painted. If the surface wasn’t properly prepared, cracks will form or other painting failures will occur. Proper preparation is essential for the longevity of the painting project.

Paint Too Thin or Thick on Walls  

Along with proper paint preparation, another major contributor to cracks is when there isn’t the right amount of paint. When painting a surface it is important to find the right amount of paint. Too little or too much paint can result in cracks. Most surfaces require about two coats of paint. Each coat of paint should be evenly distributed. Avoid dripping or globs of paint on the walls. Apply two thinner coats and you should have the right amount of paint to prevent cracking.

Cheap, Low Quality Paint

Another major reason why paint will crack is due to the quality of the paint used for the project. Cheap or low quality paint does not last very long and can easily peel, bubble or crack. Many people will use cheap paint to reduce the cost of the project. However, that is a mistake that can result in cracks or worse. Good quality paint will ensure great results and a longer lasting paint.

Paint Adhesion Problems

Poor adhesion is a major reason why paint will crack. Poor adhesion can be the result of poor preparation. Another cause is weather. Humidity can prevent paint to adhere to the surface which is why it is important to paint during dry weather when painting the exterior of the home. Inside the home, open windows or use fans to help the paint dry and avoid humidity building up inside the home. Another reason why paint may not adhere properly is when the second coat of paint is applied before the first coat has had time to dry.

Age of Paint

The aging paint can have a number of different symptoms such as cracks, chipping or peeling paint. As paint ages it can become dull in color and become weak. When paint begins to age it is time to repaint the surface. Nothing stops aging paint and eventually, it will crack. When cracks or chips form it is time for new paint.

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