Accent Paint Color Schemes in Sag Harbor, NY; What Colors Match With Yellow, Blue Etc

When painting each room in their home, most people know exactly what primary color they want on their walls. However what about the accent colors for doors and window trim; or even colors for furniture? We know it can be difficult to pick the right accent color. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share some of the best accent colors to coincide with the primary colors that will give each room in your home its own personality, theme, and design.

Best Accent Colors for Yellow

Yellow hues if chosen bring warmth and brightness to a room. Depending on your personality, there are two accent colors you can choose to use. The first accent color that works well with yellow and is not an aggressive contrast, is blues. As an example, a pale yellow and a pastel shade of blue is a soft, gentler composition. For strong more popping color schemes, a lemon yellow with a dark shade of blue such as navy blue is a bolder color scheme. Another accent color that is complementary with yellow as the primary color is purple. Purple accent colors are considered a dramatic or high fashion design. Typically a soft shade of yellow is used with a pastel hue of purple.

What Colors Match With Blue?

Again blues and yellows complement each other well. If you’re using a blue for your primary color, yellow accents in trim work or even furniture helps bring diversity. A great example for the use of blue is in kitchens with yellow cabinets, or backsplash, or in furniture like dining tables and chairs. However when you use blue as a primary color, avoid over saturating the yellow accent. Too much yellow against the blue can overload the eyes. Another great accent for blue is blue. Using two or even three different shades of blue actually complement themselves and gives a room a monochromatic scheme or design. Another bolder accent color for blue is red; however again don’t over saturate the red.

What Colors Complement Red?

The right hue of red brings elegance to any room; it also has a romantic personality. However since red is such a strong color on the eyes, one of the best accent colors to avoid any major clash is white. For larger rooms with red as its primary color, you will want to use a lot of white to help calm the boldness of the color on the eyes. Red also gives a prefect opportunity to throw in a third accent color such as blues, greens, or gray. However use the third accent color sparingly.

Color Palettes for White

For those who like to make their home feel more open and larger, white is the best way to go. So, what is the best accent to use for white? Any color is the answer and even multiple colors can be used in white rooms. White allows any type of design or theme that fits your personality. You can get funky with white and use two or three accent colors, or you may want a simple but dramatic accent such as dark grays or black. Natural or darker stained woods also pop really well against white color and provide a natural earthy feel.

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These are some of the more common primary colors used in homes and the best accent color choices. If you are thinking of renewing the look of your home, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc provides painting services. We can bring your home to life with exciting colors in your preferred theme and design. Contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today.

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