How to Modernize Your Shelter Island, NY Home with Interior Echo Design Painting Colors

When you are ready to update the look and the feel of your home, one of the best ways to do that is to change the wall color. The paint sets the tone for the entire room and home, and getting the right color is important. Some of the new trends are to go with a bold or bright color. There are also some trends that use wallpaper, stencils and other painting techniques. These are sometimes a great way to show off your own personal style. If you go too far off a standard or common style your home may be hard to sell when you want to put it on the market. When you put too much of a modern twist or too bold of a color choice you may have to repaint the home before you list it. There is an option that you can go with, that spruces up your home and still stays in the realm of what is sell-able. It is a technique that is referred to as Echo Design or Echo Painting. It is a great way to make a change and show off your style.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. Explains What Echo Design & Painting Is & How It Can Work For Your Home

What Is Echo Paint & Design: When you want to use echo paint to design the interior of your home you are using a family of colors. The colors are all in the same tones and they are used in different rooms. This is a great way to add some flow to the entire house. Then you are not stuck with a pink girls room, a blue boys room and more common color in the family room. When you do that there is not fluidity to the look of the home and that can break it up. The echo design is great for bringing the entire house together but still have some uniqueness.
How to Choose Echo Design Paint Colors: If you have decided that echo design sounds great for your home then you need to know how to look for colors. The first step is to pick the main color that you want to use. You can use the help of a color consultant to determine the main color that you may want to use in a main room. You then want to lay out the colors in that same family that are up to two shades lighter and darker. Now you can use this group of five colors to spread out around your home. You are not stuck with a single color per room. You can use a darker shade to add an accent wall or use one color above a chair rail and a different shade below. If you stick to this series of colors then you can rest assured that the colors will all complement each other.
If you are interested in using echo design to paint your home you want to use the help of an expert color consultant. We will also take into account the other colors in your home to come up with a color scheme that will best fit.

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