Avoid Paint Cracking on Wall After Painting in Shinnecock Hills, NY by Preparing Surface & More

Now that the weather is starting to turn and the days seem to be longer more people are looking at the exterior of their home. It is likely that the paint on your home has started to look like it is ready to be freshened up. Many homes are abused in the winter with the adverse weather and when it warms back up you may start to notice. The great thing about the weather warming up is that you can start to enjoy the upgrades that are there for you. One thing that people choose to do when the winter is over is to paint the house. You might want to spruce up the exterior to give it a better look and increase your curb appeal. You also might choose to paint the walls in the house to give a fresh start as well. You know it is time to start painting your home if you see it cracking. The paint can crack and once it has started it will not stop. You have to have the walls repainted to fix the problem. There are some reasons that your paint may start to crack. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc outlines what is making your paint crack in and around your Home.

Paint Cracks when Surface is Not Prepared

When you are ready to paint a surface in or around your house you need to make sure that the area has been prepared. The preparation that goes into painting is one of the most important aspects. The drywall has to be repaired from any holes, dents and scratches before you should put any paint on the wall. When you don’t make these repairs the paint will dry over the damaged area and this often creates pockets of air. The paint will not be adhered to the area and then once it has been dried it will crack and break off. A professional painter will ensure that the surface has been prepared properly before it is painted.

Painting Too Thick or Thin Makes it Crack

There is a lot that goes into painting a home either on the inside of the exterior. The preparation of the walls and the surface is one aspect but you have to use the right amount of paint. There are some people that use the wrong amount of paint and go too thin or even go too thick. The best technique is use thin layers of paint and let them dry before you go with the next layer of paint. Do not be afraid to add the amount of layers that you need to get the finish that you want. The wrong amount of paint will cause it to crack over time.

Low Quality Paint is More Likely to Crack

Everyone has heard the term you get what you pay for. The term is not so that you pay high dollar for everything that you use but to make you think about what you should pay more for. When it comes to paint on and in your home you want to get a good quality paint. It is intended to last for many years but if you use a low quality paint you will not get the outcome that you want and the paint can start to crack.

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