Commercial Interior Painting Color Schemes in Sagaponack, NY; Importance of First Impressions & More

When owning or managing a business, whether it is a restaurant, office or retail store, the colors of the walls inside and out can have a major impact on the business. The colors play a major role in the business’s advertisement, productivity, and even the environmental mood. If you are moving into a space or building or your current space needs to be painted for one reason or another, make sure to consider the color pallet carefully. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share some insights when painting the inside of a business.

Importance of First Impressions

When walking into any business, the customers, clients or vendors always make a quick assessment of the business simply by how it looks when they enter. The first impression you will always want to make is a good one. If the building appears unkempt, often customers will look to another store or have less faith in the business. For any business, and especially those that have customers coming in and out, you will want to make sure the building looks nice. One of the best ways to maintain the building’s aesthetic is by maintaining a fresh coat of paint. Walls should be repainted every 5 years, depending on the nature of the business. This will help maintain a clean and fresh looking building and ensure a good first impression.

Corporate Branding Color Schemes

What color you paint the walls greatly matter. For offices that are designed to accommodate employees, you can use any color on the inside as there is no need to advertise or brand the business using color. However, for a more relaxing atmosphere, it is recommended to use soft neutral colors such as greens, grays or blues. Some businesses require a more urgent affect, in this case you will want to use reds or a more subtle color like yellows and oranges. Some businesses use color as a form of advertisement or branding. You can paint the inside of the building in your business colors. However, you don’t need to overdo it either. When painting your business, consider what effect some colors have on people, and make sure it helps aid your business and not work against it.

Changing Business Office Paint Colors

When a business is wanting to make a few changes or completely change its direction simply changing the color of the building can have a huge impact on the business. Even inside an office, changing the colors of the walls can help motivate employees to make changes in themselves. Changing the color of the building can make a huge impact on the public as well. New colors means changes. Restaurants that are adding new items to their menu can advertise these changes with new colors. New colors are a common symbol for change. If you run a business and are making some major changes, consider repainting the inside or outside of the building. You will be surprised at the response.

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A number of businesses will use the color of the building in many different ways. It can effect employees, customers and help make a statement about your business. If you find you need to have your business building(s) repainted, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc for commercial and residential painting services and more.


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