Best Interior & Exterior Paint Color Combinations When Selling a House in Southampton, NY

When it comes to selling your house, many people do minor home improvements to get it ready and make it appealing for buyers. Some of these projects include painting, which many homeowners are guilty of painting the walls an unattractive color. Presentation is everything when it comes to selling a house and first impressions are lasting ones. With that in mind, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to offer some tips and advice on proven painting options that will help you sell your home.

Best Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Bathroom Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms: Bathrooms painted in bold and/or dark colors is a major mistake you want to avoid. You want to maximize the size of the bathroom and not minimize it, especially since bathrooms are traditionally smaller than other rooms. Dark and eccentric colors often make the little space smaller yet. To make the bathroom look more spacious, use the neutral soft, pale and lighter shades, accented minimally with the brighter paint colors if you must.
Bedroom Colors & Moods: Bedrooms are the safe haven of our homes. They offer security, safety, and should exalt rest and relaxation. Using chaotic prints and exotic colors is a turnoff for potential buyers. The last thing that belongs in a bedroom is anything that induces stress or anxiety. Opt instead for colors that are mild and soft. Balance them out with either warm or cool tones. Generally, warmer colors should be paler than cooler colors. Creams, eggshell or off whites, feather grays, pale yellows, light blues, or even the softer olive hues are ideal in the bedroom.
Best Exterior House Colors: If you are looking to paint the exterior of your house, avoid any color that will clash with the environment. For example, houses in close proximity to wooded areas would benefit from earthy tones. Consider rooftop appearance as well as any brick or stone work that compliments the home and ensure the exterior color is complimentary and appealing. If your landscape has an abundance of shrubs, trees, and other vegetation, avoid painting the exterior any shade of green and instead, use pale shades of yellow or rich browns.
Kitchen Paint Color Ideas: For the kitchen, experts suggest using bright colors to capture the attention of potential buyers. The kitchen is the center and heart of many families where comforting and routine daily and mundane activities that include cooking, slicing, dicing, chopping, mixing and baking take place as well as spending time together. Using brighter colors can help elevate excitement and enthusiasm to make the boring a little more doable. Brighter and lighter colors in this space also permit the grand chef to see the difference between a rare and medium rare steak or the kids to select the right marker or glitter glue for their school project. People often associate white variations with sterile environments like hospitals. Avoid the impulse to paint the kitchen all white. If the walls are already a white color, pick a complimentary accent color that goes well with the floor, cabinets, and other surfaces to break away from the hospital feeling. Pale yellows and light olive hues or the faint warm shades of beige or even green are useful in the kitchen.
Living Room Paint Color Combinations: The living space should be a balanced combination of neutral and warm tones according to the experts. You can use such tones in accordance with the latest trends and create an intriguing sense of style; just consider the furnishings and flooring colors. Though buyers that go from house to house often envision their art pieces, furniture and other accessories, it can be a challenge if the living room is painted electric purple or neon orange. Living rooms are classically painted in creamy whites, subtle beiges, and light gray tones. Try to incorporate the current trends on a simplistic scale.

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Taking on the interior and exterior painting projects prior to selling a home can be difficult. Instead of overwhelming yourself, call L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc and let our experts get it done for you!

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