Examples of Faux Finish Painting Techniques in Wainscott, NY; Venetian Plaster & Others

Are you tired of either choosing painted walls or wallpapered walls? You may be able to change a few things up a bit with trim. However if you’re seeking a dramatic change, have you ever considered faux paint finishes? This painting technique adds a new characteristic to any home depending on the types of faux paint finishes used. Yes there are several choices of faux paint finishes to choose from. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share the different types of faux paint finishes that can be used in any home.

Faux Finish Painting Examples

Venetian Plaster – Venetian plaster is a faux painting finish that makes you feel like you are stepping into old-world European architecture. This finish mimics a polished marble or stucco. The more modern techniques used to apply this finish create a multidimensional texture where there are two layers with one slightly raised. This style of finish brings a unique old-world look to any room or home.
Artisan Finish – This type or style of finish is also considered more old-world European. The artisan finish is applied on either wood or drywall and once completed it resembles stone or marble. The artisan finishes use various shades or hues which make the color appear to change with different lighting. The artisan finishes are used for multiple decoration types such as rustic or natural.
Metallic Paint – Metallic faux paint finish isn’t the most common type of faux paint. At one point it was actually a hazardous type of paint use to create the metallic finish. However there are water based paints which are now much safer for this type of finish. If you want your walls to shimmer or sparkle when the light hits it, this is the type of faux finish you will want to use.
Metallic Plaster – Similar to the metallic paint, metallic plaster offers that same shimmering and sparkling affect. However the plaster creates a deeper luster to the colors used. Like any other paint, metallic plaster ranges in many colors to choose from. Metallic plaster is used most in modern décor and designs.
Manda Mudd – A Manda mudd finish, or better known as plaster finishes, use to be the common method of texturing walls. However once the spray-on texture was invented, more homes turned to using that instead of the hard but now give a more personal hand crafted touch of the manda mudd finish. If you want more personality to your wall you may want to consider this older method of applying these types of wall finish. There is some debate where or not to consider the manda mudd a faux finish. Due to the rougher texture it creates a modern yet old fashioned feel, making it a universal texture to be used.
Sandstone Finish – For those who are tired of the typical wall texture there is the sandstone finish. It is a texturing method that makes the walls feels like a sandy stone material. It can be painted over with any color. Many like to use the sandstone texture with clean solid colored walls creating a more natural feel to the room.
Texture Sand – This is a technique painters did to add a gritty texture similar to that of the sandstone. They would add silica to the paint which then gave it that subtle texture. When using this method of finishing, it gives the walls more depth and personality to the room.
Brushed Suede – Looking to give your room an elegant and sophisticated look of suede? There is now a painter’s technique to create this with a brush on method. It’s a great faux finish for a modern design and décor. If this is what you’re looking for you may want to consider the brushed suede finish. Any color paint can be applied to the surface.

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